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Kirby and the Forgotten Land HYPE THREAD!!! Kirby in 3D!!!

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--- Quote from: The President on February 14, 2022, 02:56:59 PM ---To be honest, I didn’t like the trailer in the last Direct because I was already sold on the game.

--- End quote ---
Same, in fact I muted the direct and skipped that part, just like I skipped the rest of this post to avoid seeing any more. Once I am sold on a game I go radio silent until release. Also a day 1 buy for me. I just hope I am done with Horizon Forbidden West when this comes out.

Luigi Dude:
The more I think about it the more hyped I am for this game.  Looking at the newest gameplay trailer, this game is kind of like the sequel to Mario Odyssey I've been waiting for.  Some of the Mouthful Mode abilities shown in the trailer even look like certain things Mario was doing in Odyssey.

I mean, does anyone else find it kind of interesting how right after we got a 3D Mario that many said reminded them of Kirby, the next Kirby game is a 3D one?  Yeah Star Allies technically came out a few months after Odyssey, but most of that games development was done before Odyssey was released.  I know HAL had been experimenting with 3D Kirby gameplay in the past, but it does make you wonder if after playing Odyssey, the team at HAL suddenly went, "So that's how it can work".

So is anyone getting this?  Lots of good reviews for the game and there is a really good Ask the Developer interview showcasing the journey as Kirby coming to 3D.

I played the demo and preordered the digital version. Hoping to spend some time with it over the weekend.

Already got it in that I actually pre-bought the game as mentioned earlier in the thread. That said, I'm probably not going to actually get into until next weekend. Not sure when the game will arrive in the mail and have all manner of things I need to do in life. As such, I don't really want to start playing this game on an evening during the week when I may finally have time to do so. Thus, I'll wait until next week to hop in. That may give me enough time to also finish the 5th and final case in Great Ace Attorney 1 as well before switching over to Kirby. So, trying to keep my hype at bay for another week. ;)


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