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I would like to do Mafia 33. 

I want to be able to see where I am financially and such because I like giving prizes and such for my mafia so I want to be able to have that in place.

I like a host that clearly lays out all the rules at the start of the game so there is no confusion later on.  This includes role-specific information, night action priority, win conditions, etc.

If certain aspects of a role (or the game in its entirety) is supposed to remain a secret, that's fine.  But tell us as much as you can before the game starts.

I call 25!

Also way to give in Pale! :@ Give me one good reason Khushrenalong name has mod powers

Actually Thank you PALE for giving Khushrenda mod powers, until he shows any abuse of said powers, I think he is perfect.

Vudu:  That is a reason I want to wait until Mafia 33.  I want to spend time writing my idea out and deciding how to best balance the game.

I have had a few ideas, but I have forgotten the details of them unfortunately.  So I need to remember them.

Also if you remember I love to give out prizes for signing up and for winning the game.  I think prizes help promote excitement for the mafia game and as such I am willing to support our community with them. 

I have plans for a new mafia, again following the points structure i tried in Mario Kart Mafia. However its still too early to mention (i want to finish university first before i attempt it again).


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