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Nintendo Gaming / RE: Japanese Developers comment on plans for 2006
« on: December 29, 2005, 04:47:07 AM »
Side Note: (Sorry about the second post)  In Viewtiful Joe: Monster Rancher Raise the best unlocked man monster in a custome suit and teach him stylish moves and VFX powers and catch phrases.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Japanese Developers comment on plans for 2006
« on: December 29, 2005, 04:43:46 AM »
Capcom doesn't make Monster Rancher.  Tecmo does.  But being a huge fan of the series Monster Rancher: Revolution would be interesting say the least.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Revolution Goes Gold?
« on: December 29, 2005, 04:41:06 AM »
I agree with Spak-Spang and everyone who says that to much product can be as bad as to little.  Like oil in a car.  All pre-orders should be filled and have a little extra given to them, think things like stickers nothing to exciting but still cool.  Then there should still be enough that every place that sells game systems will have at least 2 or 3 extra.  Then there is Walmart and the like that do no pre-orders and they have the 5 or 9 at the day of launch.  With another batch being ready to go and fill gaps by the next week.  I would also personally hold off on the Kiosk displays, lets face it they'll need room and tethers, until the day the system launches to help keep down people cutting the tethering cord and stealing the controller. (It be a novelty type thing before the console was released.)  Just my thoughts -Ceric

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Is Nintendo WiFi an underpowered Online connection?
« on: December 24, 2005, 12:02:33 PM »
I personally like how Nintendos online outings let you just sort of jump into the game.  None of this talking stuff.  That should be done outside of the game.  In a way I sort of hope they keep that expect.  I hate going to play a game and get ready to go, have a group, and then they talk for 30+ minutes.... Blah... -Ceric

Nintendo Gaming / RE: First Revolution Leak?
« on: December 24, 2005, 11:54:48 AM »
I personal think this could be anything.  With the Nintendo being the first choice I'm willing to lean to an attempt to make something that will work on both consoles.  Sort of like an abstraction layer for coding.  When you go to compile it you tell it what system and it adapts it to the proper assembly.  It be a lot like Wine for linux. This could be a test of this.  But still that video was an uber disappointment for the hype. -Ceric

From reading what's gotten posted I can safely assume that the people here were thinking much the same line as I was.  Also to the Honesty people I hate to say that in the true hardcore area that might be true but in the less hardcore area if you can get a game for free relatively easy why pay?  That's part of the mentality.  These properties are worth a lot to Nintendo.  Hence all the problems with those little game boxes that was discussed in other threads and it was decided they were illegal, that wanted poster helped there.  It be like giving all the movies prior to the 80's away for free.  Sure they have already made there money but that is still a lot of money lost by all involved.  Everything has a cost and value it be wise for everyone to remember that. -Ceric

I've been thinking about this and it would be very un-Nintendo like to let people trade there games around for free.  Then you get into that whole rom thing.  I personally believe that each Revolution will have a unique codec chip that when you download a game it is ran through and the last bit of encryption is finished.  That way it would be unique to each Revolution, like a Mac address.  So you could then store your games on your computer and Nintendo wouldn't have to worry about it anymore.  They would keep a record of your purchases and allow them to be downloaded to any Rev that is registerred to you.  The backups themselves though would not be transferrable in a usable way.  

Save data wouldn't be effected.  I mean if you want to share your saved game to the world then so be it, but it would be run through the hardware compression/decompression that I would like to see built in.

These are just my thoughts.  Feel free to way in or point me to the thread I missed that already discussed this.

I would hope it be used like the lack of voice for Mario and Link.

With Black and White they give all the implication of what they want you to see but it's up to you to fill in the color.  Sort of like we all know that if Link or Mario talked they wouldn't be the kick-   characters that they are.  There are very few games where the voice acting actually helps when there is a text box.  In fact I find that most of the time the expressions that are shown in the little portrait detract too.  Though the emoticon system used in Golden Sun was great.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Market the Revolution: What's the slogan?
« on: December 23, 2005, 06:36:36 AM »
I could see an underground campaign being here in America:  "Join the Reggielution"   With Reggielution shirts and the like.  Sort of like how Winter-een-mas is a holiday made up be a web comic and is observed.

In the Main stream I really don't know.  I could see them doing the bit where someone is say fishing.  Looks like it and everything but then you hear the Husband calling for dinner.  It then flashes to a wife holding the controller like a fishing poll on the couch and the husband wearing an apron, manly but not cheesy apron, with  dinner and they go over she goes over there.  At that point you it starts to super impose the logo and the slogan and you can still see the couple in the background, fuzzily, and you can hear trailing in the background:

Husband:  Honey,  I didn't think you liked fishing.
Wife:  Oh, well...  It seems I like to fish.  But I'll leave the real trips to the boys, mess and all.

It would be an interesting spot.  But I think it be to similar to the Playstation approach.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Revolution Bundled with Mario
« on: December 23, 2005, 06:24:55 AM »
Only if they fix the bug in Legend Of Zelda 2 would I like to see that one. The rest I can see.  Plus maybe throw in the chance to get 1 or 2 N64 ones like Blast Corp and Quest 64.  Both had a lot of potential but didn't quiet make it, but those would be in loo of one of your SNES or NES ones.  Sort of like getting a legendary rare card.

Nintendo Gaming / RE: E3 Surprise Predictions
« on: December 23, 2005, 06:18:59 AM »
On was real, because let's face it it's a lot more doable now we now how in theory the controller does it's thing.  

The controller has Hot/Cold function and the buttons have light up indications.

The Rev is Region free except for where there are different TV Standards, so it be PAL/NTSC regions, but that's only for the hardware.  Since if memory serves me right unlike other consoles the GameCube would only allow you to do one resolution (I think it was something like 1280 by something I thought it was weird and over doing it.)

It will ship with the progressive scan cables because the picture is so much better, let me tell you I have them for my cube it's like night and day.

Reggie has been added to Mike Tyson Punch-Out after Mike Tyson in the enhanced version.

Captian N is back. (and it's Ian j/k)

The new Online interface is introduce and shock it has no in game messaging function.  (Oh come on.  Besides PSO every game that goes online Nintendo style doesn't do it and you know I'm finding I prefer it that way.  Talking is what phones and computers are for.)

There is a PPU in it.

That the internal flash memory is only used by developers as a place to cache large chunks of Disc for decompression by hardware decompression.  (Sorry but that isn't enough memory to take on Hard drive like functions)

That does mean that Downloads would have to go to your "Memory Card" flash but they would be ultra small because of using the zip technology that also doubles as a way to copy protect.  With the inner flash/hardware decompressor combo you never now the difference even if it was something large.

There is a hall of accesories.

Rev has been slimmed to just two DVD cases.

There is no Power Brick.

Those "enhancements" to TP.  Well when you play it on Rev you can see it in it's glorious..... Cell Shading ;-}

And there will be a speech like this:

"Oh by the way,  the Revolution will be launched tomorrow.  You may now Commence your looting."

Nintendo Gaming / RE: Revolution Bundled with Mario
« on: December 23, 2005, 05:54:51 AM »
Hello everyone this is my first post and I've been trying to join for a while.  To date me I was here when the controller was revealed and before.  I personally think that a Traditional Mario game is Terribly unsuitted for this style of controller.  If you ever played the game where you shoot the little guy to make him go through a platformer.  It could be that bad.  Lets face it Platforming itself in the bounce on head style is best done with traditional controls.  What needs to launch is there new IP.

This IP will be something that really takes advantage of the new controller in such a way that no one can imagine it playing anyother way.  A conversation should end up like this:

Bob:  Yeah it controls like Bomb'em Blastem 3049
Snoop:  Yeah Bembem is the shizzam
Bob: Word...

Sort of like when you tell someone it plays like Mario.  The character should be instantly recognized with the Genre and it should be one of those pure joy moments to use the controls.  Unfortunately Mario is already typed and as I said I don't see flicking the controller being anymore control then analog buttons.  So it's up to the new IP.  The last thing we need at launch is Mario stuck in a new click game, I know the Mario Sports titles are fun and so is Mario Party but no one consider them true hardcore Mario games.  

So as I say it's new IP to the bat.

Also I think it be neat if the tutorial thing unlocks your free "random downloads."  In actuallity it probably be best that 1 was already on the disk and  walked you through the process offline and then the other you get when you connect and fully set things up to go online.  Because face it I just got my Wireless router and I'm a geek.  So what do you think that thy mere mortals will have from the get go? -Ceric

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