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Dixie Kong! We are one step away from getting her off of the mobil game and into the real deal! Dixie Kong for Smash and Mario Kart!

Great review! I am so sold! The trailers sold me but now I'm super sold after reading this. I'm coming for you Rishman64, if that boss theme doesn't absolutely(as the kids would say) slap!

Man I better Download Bomberman 64 ASAP. Man what fun that was. I loved the single player and multiplayer. My kids deserve to try that multiplayer!

TalkBack / Re: Pokémon Legends Arceus (Switch) Review
« on: January 28, 2022, 03:30:26 AM »
I enjoyed this review a lot. This was the first review I read in full and I thought is this game really in "9" territory? I've only started playing about an hour before this post and now I can easily see how it could be rated that high.

Ok I'm only about 23 minutes in and I am super pleasantly surprised. I've been complaining for God only knows how many years about what you actually play in Pokemon games. I want to move around and interact for corn sakes!

Throwing the balls feels good! Aiming manually like that while still being able to move around feels really nice so far! Sneaking up on a Pokemon in the tall grass is fun so far and feels good! And when you battle you can still run around as your human character? Right on! I don't know what it would even mean to do that I just love that I can! I wondered what would happen if I got in-between 2 Pokemon fighting but was too afraid to see what would happen. I imagine nothing though.

Oh and then I can throw my poke ball at tree or something and my Pokemon will head butt the tree to grab berries? I love it! Is there more things like this down the road. It's almost exactly what I've been asking for for years!

I like that I can throw my Pokemon out at anytime and just talk to them. I thought for sure one at a time but then wouldn't you know it seems like you can just surround yourself with your whole team at a moments notice. It doesn't seem like it does anything aside from maybe raising affection, if thats still a thing but I'm just glad I'm able to do it!

The Pokemon I have seen so far, only about 7, seem to really exist in the world. When you battle they come out right then and there. When you find them they are there and not just in the mystical battle realm. I like that they subtly turn their heads and watch you when you approach them.

I hate that so far I have not seen a door opening animation but I can forgive that considering what I've experienced above.

Keep in mind I am as jaded a Pokemon fan as they come. Love the creatures themselves but man Sword and Shield put me off hard. The first 20 minutes of this though? Sold me so hard!

I've been wishing for a 3D Kirby since the N64 era. I was happy to see the Crystal Shards and Yoshi's Story but I was always disappointed they didn't make the big 3D jump. After Sunshine I thought for sure Yoshi would get his own 3D Adventure by the Wii. By the time Return To Dreamland came out I completely gave up on both franchises going 3D.

What a time to be alive! It looks really nice if a little simple so far but I am so happy this is being attempted. Bout time something other than Mario gets a 3D platformer!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Many amiibo!
« on: May 22, 2021, 03:16:29 AM »
Wow what a collection! I've got quite a few but no where near your collection BuncleUob.

I've recently moved to a new home and don't have any of my figures on display but hopefully this year I will have the Smash collection set up and displayed. After I was given the gift of playable Ridley, Smash will forever be enshrined in my home.

I am extremely excited for the potential of this game. All I've been wanting with Pokemon is meaningful interaction with my Pokemon and meaningful interaction in the world that I explore. I've felt like for years that I never really play anything in Pokemon besides a mini game here and there. I want to control something god dang it!

Surfing with Mantine, Sharpedo & Lapras, sniffing around with Stoutland and smashing stuff with Touros was wonderful for me. It was simply controlling the Pokemon in the environment in a meaningful way.

Mountable Pokemon - Horse shapes or large 4 legged types to ride upon was always the dream! Doesn't have to be every large 4 legged Pokemon but a sizable amount to choose from. Allow some of them to run a little faster than others by species and level too! Would be wonderful!

Climbing - I want to be able to summon a Pokemon and my player character latch onto it's back. Druddigon, Sceptile, what ever! But if it's my human character thats ok too, just not as fun for me.

Flying/Gliding - Smaller Pokemon give you a glide. The bigger and higher level they get the further they can glide and some of them give you full freedom of flight! Well maybe not full freedom but something substantial.

Digging and Smashing - Holes in the ground, boulders blocking paths, secret tunnels in caves. Let me bring out my Pokemon and control it by walking and running. Give me some basic attack animation to test out suspicious areas and find secrets!

I could go on like this but I've been bringing this kind of thing up for years now! And so far this game looks to be going in that direction and the potential has my spirits soaring!

I really really really hope the wild Pokemon have varied animations and habits as well. Flying Pokemon and arboreal Pokemon should rest in trees and on branches. Let bugs craw vertically on walls and trees. Everything only on the surface of the ground or water is so boring. Let the Pokemon chase each other and do things in their lives. If you gotta cut out half the Pokemon fine! I'll live with it! Just do as I say!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: poll: How many Wii U ports have you double dipped on?
« on: February 08, 2021, 01:52:57 PM »
Mario Kart 8
Tropical Freeze
New Super Mario Bros U
Pokken Tournament

I regret nothing! My kids got a little older and were interested in those older titles as well so the money was well spent.

Terry's traits are probably easier to wrap ones head around as it's more or less a come back mechanic. Well to me any way. Between Terry, Lucario and Joker I feel like their unique gimmicks aren't too intrusive to the way I prefer to play Smash. Although Terry does have the fighting game inputs like Ryu as well right?

Ridley being the way he is was an absolute God send for me. He's relatively simple in execution and with that my mind is at ease to get really comfortable and creative with him. His off stage game is so good and so fun! Grabbing people mid air, carrying them under the stage, waiting for them to tech, jump up for a froward air to smash them into the underside again while I comfortably fly back up to the top is just so good!

I like that complex characters exist for those who want them but even someone like Hero is a bit much for me just because of the vast options involved. Ryu, Steve, Rosalina & Luma along with the Ice Climbers are too much for me. When someone that is a little more straight forward is revealed I get pretty happy. Though admittedly as long as I love the character it usually doesn't matter how they play, I learn them super willingly.

This doesn't apply to Diddy Kong however. Diddy is my boy! I love me some Diddy Kong! In Smash however, the banana, the peanut pop gun and rocket barrel just sour me on the character so much. I don't particularly hate DK64 but I don't love it any longer like I did during my first play through back in the day. The rocket barrel and peanut gun originating from DK64 irks me. I want a Diddy that uses only his natural born body to attack, not all them God danged monkey gadgets!

When it comes to Donkey Kong however I just want him to toss around barrels as a projectile. It's what DK does!

Dixie Kong now! Dixie Kong tomorrow! Dixie Kong forever! I don't want an overly complex character that needs to manage odd traits. Dixie's name used to be on the front of game boxes! In Japan isn't it called Super Donkey Kong 2, Diddy & Dixie?

I would have imagined that by now Sakurai would have tried to revisit some of his Brawl Dixie ideas. It's been so long. Though I do have this suspicion that Nintendo as a whole is trying to raise her profile(well Donkey Kong's in general) especially after seeing the treatment she got for Mario Kart Tour. Smash is a logical step for some super secret grand plan.

I only got around to Mario 64 on the DS and I remember being absolutely in love with it. After all these years I decided to go through it as it was originally with 3D All Stars. Just got 120 Stars last night after 30 hours or so. Holy macaroni! Never again... I can see how for it's time it was an amazing break through. I remember all the hoopla back in the day but as I was in my anti Mario phase my first N64 games were Star Fox 64 and Bomberman 64.

There was certainly a ton of fun to be had but the camera and constant sliding at maximum velocity nearly broke me all together. I went through Sunshine First, 64 DS second, and Galaxy 3rd so I just wasn't used to all that unstable terrain. I'd be running on a fairly narrow ledge and just slightly run upon it's angled edge and Mario would go belly sliding for miles down a cliff.

What ever the case I enjoyed it enough to punish myself through all 120 Stars.

Just started Sunshine and I feel like I have so much more control over Mario. Fludd or no Fludd, long jump or not. Mario's physical interaction with the ground and walls is so much more forgiving that I never truly realized how much of a step up Sunshine was in that regard.

Steve and Alex don't gel with me at all but this is a huge get for Smash. My 5 year old was pretty excited and while my 8 year old loves Minecraft, she said she didn't like it because Steve looked out of place lol.

This is not my cup of tea but I already have Donkey Kong, Bowser and Ridley in game where I can control them freely and beat the ship out of other characters I love slightly less. I'm super satisfied. Once Dixie Kong is in I can die with no regrets.

Online co-op? Wowzers. Mop It Up, I forget did you like this game? For what ever reason you came to mind and I said I want to play this game with you!

My kids have been begging me to bring the Wii U back from my moms because of this game but I knew this was coming eventually.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Animal Crossing Turnip Prices
« on: May 20, 2020, 03:18:34 PM »
Dang I'm missing out! My prices are at 122 this afternoon but I want something at least in the 200 or 300 ranged.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Animal Crossing Turnip Prices
« on: May 13, 2020, 01:07:04 AM »
Thanks Stratos! You helped me pay off my 3rd loan! Bigger house tomorrow!

Thanks Stratos,

I was able to complete the last piece of the Megacero (? giant moose dinosaur)
left about 8 other duplicate fossils I had behind in it's place.

I think I only need 6-10 more fossils to finally close the fossil hunt!!
I need to update my list above, but if no one wants any of those specific pieces, I may consider selling them all soon.

Not sure what you still need but I could use:

1 - Stego Torso
2 - Brachio Chest
3 - Parasaur Torso

If you still got em.

I have Tiger Head and Spino Tail if you still need them.

Holy macaroni... I'm slightly younger than Ian as I just graduated Jr High during that year. I remember all of this stuff! Well not Cat Roots, but I remember looking into everything else back in the day.

I remember having very little interest in Majoras Mask and being upset that Twelve Tales turned into Bad Fur Day. I looked at Rare's website darn near every day just waiting for something new. It would take minutes just to look at a single photo sometimes. Downloading a video could take actual hours! Good memories!

I wanted that co-op 3D platformer with the Owl buddy! I imagined Banjo Kazooie with a Tails like side kick for player two. Very happy with what- we got though.

And boy oh boy! Looking at these actual photos reminds me of how bad I wanted to attend E3 in those days. Everything seemed so high end but just looking back at those banners and conference rooms I'm wondering is that what it was really like?

Look at Nintendo's banner back there. Look like someone packed it in their personal suitcase and then hastily tried to iron it before the big presentation. Now a'days you know its like a team of 39 secret service agents used to transport and erect the signs and banners. Would't be surprised if the actual banner was purchased at a yard sale and they got the cheapest guy available to make the graphic. Ahh those were the days!

Would you believe me if I said even back then I used to think about Ridley being in Smash? Never said it out loud until the Melee reveal but I thought about it, him and Meta Knight.

Whats a Key holder?

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Super Mario Maker 2 - Did anyone here get it?
« on: May 12, 2020, 08:02:50 PM »
Played through a lot of Phil's and Mop It Up's levels. Feels like regular Mario games half the time and then only something a fan might create. Both of which are compliments.

I had the original and this game since launch and barely touched either. But the new update brought the frog suit... THE FROG SUIT! I loved the frog suit since I was a kid but it was so rare and when you did get it you most likely lost it within a few minutes!

I went from 20 hours to 100 just making frog and squirrel levels. The squirrel suit was also another that I really appreciated from Mario U. Frog raccoon, squirrel! If the penguin and shell suit came in boy..... I love transforming Mario into some sort of animal. I'm still warming up to the cat suit but just haven't tried it much in 2D to get that adoration I have for the others.

What ever the case almost all of my levels will revolve around the animal transformations cause thats just what I loved the most!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: Animal Crossing Turnip Prices
« on: May 12, 2020, 07:51:02 PM »
My price is 393 this afternoon. Planning to host this evening for sellers, along with a swap meet for fossils, DIYs, fruits, and cataloging items. Will post details in the main AC thread when I open up.

Yes yes yes!!!! I've lost money every time I purchased turnips. So Sunday I quadrupled down and got more than ever! Yay!

Iwata's final mission for Sakurai has turned into my favorite game of all time. I haven't loved Smash this much in forever!

As for all the DLC that is on the way I have mixed feelings. On one hand I welcome anyone and everyone but on the other I just feel like 1st party characters are going to be left in the dust. Now going by the translation of the Banjo presentation it sounds as if it will be nothing but more collaborations with 3rd party developers but according to PushDustin's translation that isn't the case. Then in his latest interview Sakurai did talk about continuing his record for more and more cross overs so I can only assume the majority of characters will be 3rd party.

It's crazy to think the likes of Ridley(who I adore) got in before Dixie Kong. Ever since Brawl I figured she was a no brainer with each new installment.

With the DLC so far I'm happy with Piranha Plant and Banjo Kazooie. I count B&K as legit Nintendo Characters just now belonging to another company. They have been the 1st part pick in this current fighters pass.

I am extremely disappointed and frustrated with Game Freak. Don't tell me every Pokemon won't make it because of higher fidelity and animations. No, just stop. The graphics look ok at best and the fighting animations are darn near the exact same thing we've been seeing for years. Look at the NPC's walk around. Human characters run, stop, turn, then run again just to change direction. Absolute garbage in my eyes.

The games have appeared lazy to me since X and Y but I can look past it because I love the monsters so darn much. I hate the story, I hate the human characters, I hate the gameplay outside of battles. If not for the actual creatures I wouldn't have anything to do with Pokemon anymore. Now I can't bring all my creatures forward? Nah bruh.

Honestly I knew this day would come at some point but don't announce Pokemon Home just a week before and condition me to think that Sword and Shield would be fully compatible with it.

I'm pretty sure I'll get the game but normally there is no question. It's done deal years before the game is announced. This time I just might wait or not at all. I'll still catch em all with the cards at the very least.

I'm pretty happy with all the uproar. Fans have been angrily putting up with the constant feature cuts generation after generation but this is finally the straw that broke the Camerupts back. I'd love to see how the Pokemon Company responds, even if it takes years in the making.

Nintendo Gaming / Re: E3 2019 Thread
« on: June 04, 2019, 01:55:41 PM »
I could see a teaser of Metroid making it, like more CGI that pretends to be gameplay even though we don't usually see things like that from Nintendo. It seems way off but because of the restart I wonder if they just want to show something for all the seemingly patient people. Maybe something story related that still leaves us in the dark about how the game will really look and play during actual gameplay.

Mystery robot hand from Retro will definitely be shown just you watch!

Nintendo Gaming / Re: It's a Shell On Yoshi's Back!
« on: April 23, 2019, 11:57:42 AM »

Nintendo Gaming / Re: It's a Shell On Yoshi's Back!
« on: April 22, 2019, 05:14:15 PM »
I agree with you on just about everything Ian. I figured it was originally a saddle and it just evolved over time. Your reasoning seems pretty valid too.

As a kid I did start to question the look of it in Yoshi's Island because it has something of a bump. Though thats not present in the Yoshi's Island artwork for the most part. Yoshi's story then sealed the deal.

I wish 3D Yoshi would lose the absolute perfect sphere glued to his face. At least much of the 2D artwork today still depicts him in the same way as Yoshi's Island.

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