Author Topic: Nintendo Outlines Partnership With Universal Studios Including Three Theme Parks  (Read 815 times)

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Is there any room left in Orlando? Let's find out.

Nintendo has given additional details about their partnership with Universal Studios, including sections in three parks over the next several years.

The Universal Studios parks in Los Angeles (Hollywood), Orlando and Osaka will each receive theme parks over the next few years, with the aim to provide authentic Nintendo experiences including rides and restaurants. The parks will each make their own announcements separately for when the Nintendo areas will open, with the first promised "soon".

Shigeru Miyamoto recently filmed a short video outlining the vision for the parks, which can be seen below.

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Tutorial box out.

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The video is boring, but I'm sure the parks will be awesome

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I'm stoked that they've committed to a whole area in USH.  With said park having limited space, it's a relief to hear it won't be a severely limited area.

Speaking of location, DCA's Radiator Springs Racers is nearby.  This makes a Mario Kart rival attraction a must.  It can be the Back To The Future: The Ride to RSR's Star Tours.

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Oh **** holograms!

Giant Mario Kart might be awesome too.

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This move is only 20 years late.... but better late than never.

I didn't watch the video, but if this is because of the new leadership at Nintendo, then I'm already liking that they are open to working outside their own bubble finally. Bodes well for the Switch and whatever comes after that.