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Episode 83 - FRESH PULLMAN
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:44:00 PM »

Shovels, a dash of vegemite and NX talk are all mixed in for some Famicast summer fun!

Gather round, children, for more exciting tales of all things Nintendo as your four (five) intrepid gaikokujin bring you the latest on the ground coverage from Japan!

For New Business, Danny finally delves into the modern classic Shovel Knight and two mystery Gamecube… classics(?), while Ty digs up trash/good deals on Xbox Live. Sairus sticks with the shovel theme with Link’s Awakening and James continues the fight in Super Meat Boy and Watch Dogs. He also unexpectedly shows off his programming prowess with Smile Basic on 3DS.

It was a comparatively light news week this time round as the world collectively held its breath for Pokémon GO’s release. However, we still bring you the latest on the return of the Zelda Symphony concert in Japan, an official Uniqlo x Nintendo design competition, leaks of the remaining DLC characters for Hyrule Warriors and growing Callie and Marie fever as Splatoon marches towards its final Splatfest.

We also have a special crossover guest segment as Nick Bray, NWR’s Australian correspondent and host of Connectivity, joins us while on a trip to Japan.

Although we glossed over it last time, this year’s E3 was quite heavy on console developers moving into iterative versions of their consoles with the Xbox Scorpio and PS4 Neo. Nintendo already has a history of this type of console upgrades, particularly recently with the extensive 3DS family of systems. In a mini feature we talk about how Nintendo might embrace this further with the upcoming NX and if we agree with this style of release. Where do you stand on this topic?

Finally, as always we take a look at some of the feedback you lovely folks have left us. Enjoy the episode!

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Re: Episode 83 - FRESH PULLMAN
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2016, 09:51:21 AM »
I don't blame Danny for not liking Vegemite!
Vegemite is when you burn Marmite in a pan, remove all the flavour then scrape off the remnants and put it in a jar. It was only invented because during the war there was a shortage of real Marmite, but then for some reason the Aussies/Kiwis stuck with it.

But also, videogames!
How you all voting in the Splatfest then? I chose the one that Sairus didn't, just because reasons.

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Re: Episode 83 - FRESH PULLMAN
« Reply #2 on: July 12, 2016, 02:15:05 AM »
Early Splatfest results are in!
After trawling several stores for Callie (Aori) and Marie (Hotaru) amiibo the results are....
Twin Packs: SOLD OUT
Callie: 1 left.

Marie is looking to dominate this Fest regardless of my devotion to her clearly superior cousin.