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SADAME (3DS) Review
« on: March 10, 2016, 08:23:00 AM »

Swipe your sword back and forth until you can't take it anymore.

I am a sucker for hack-and-slash games. These games are enjoyable for hours on end and I always have a good time playing them. Naturally, they need to do enough to hold you over, like the interesting stories of the Dynasty Warriors games. But what if everything is strapped down to the very basics of what a game should be? That is exactly what you get with Rising Star Games' SADAME. The title tries its darndest to be fun, but ultimately it leaves way too much to be desired.

SADAME is about a warrior who needs to put an end to a demon uprising. By doing swift moves and slicing enemies, you will bring peace to the land and be crowned a hero. There are four different classes to choose from and each has their own adventure to partake in. The samurai, ninja, monk and rogue have their own qualities and stand out enough from one to give each of them a go. Personally, I adored using the rogue, because she uses both poles and bows. It may seem weird at first, but the bow in particular is great if you want to stay far away.

The game in itself is quite novel. There is a proper equipment system in place that is neat to experiment with. By collecting tons of goodies while playing, you will get new gems and gear to enrich your stats. You will also level up, so your character does grow the longer you try out the campaign. That being said, you are never required to give yourself equipment, because you can easily force yourself through the game. Even if you fail, you will get experience anyway, so you grow every time you play regardless. The stages carry that no nonsense attitude on their sleeve, which is quite appreciated.

That being said, the actual gameplay is where SADAME falls apart. The attacks that you have are extremely limited and the enjoyment won't last at all. The combos you start with are good enough and additional ones don’t really rise to the occasion. Many of the magic attacks leave you defenseless and you will get knocked down within seconds of activating them. You aren't invisible after a hit, so once the enemies gather around you, it is all over. SADAME feels really linear as well, but the levels end with some incredibly bosses to elevate it somewhat.

SADAME has some cool ideas, but it doesn't know how to execute them properly. The variables of the characters are nice in theory, but the attacks and combos become boring fast. It doesn't exactly help that levels feel too linear, but the style is striking at the very least. If you want a barebones hack-and-slash, you can do a whole lot worse, but it will leave you wanting a lot.

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Re: SADAME (3DS) Review
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2016, 04:37:00 PM »
if the enemy patterns were a bit more wild, I'd actually get a fair bit of Mysterious Murasame Castle from this gameplay you're showing.