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I would have given rat a get-out-of-ban-free card if he ever dropped one of his raps on the forum

Podcast Discussion / Episode 79 - JAPAN MISSION
« on: May 13, 2016, 01:48:00 PM »

Sky missions, supermarket captains and thick anime girls are all here for your listening pleasure (?).

Join the Famicrew for a long discussion about all things Nintendo and Life in Japan!As always the crew have a quick back and forth about what they’ve played this week. Danny and James stick to Nintendo titles with Star Fox Zero and the recent Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle (sorry Japan), while Ty and Sairus put some time into the Overwatch open beta.

Although it was looking like this show would be light on news, a steady stream of reports dropped just before recording. Ranging from new Pokémon starters, new Splatoon amiibo, a wave of “new” SNES games on the eShop and the always… interesting Famitsu Awards - we have plenty to talk about!

As usual we also dissect this week’s sales charts and other housekeeping on Japanese sales before a lengthy Life in Japan segment. This time on the weird, wonderful and often infuriating world of cinema in Japan. There are plenty of different opinions on some of this stuff so it’s definitely an interesting listen.

Finally we also delve into all the lovely recent comments and feedback we’ve received and then collapse into sleep deprived husks. Famicast go!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 78 - DO A BARREL LOL
« on: April 30, 2016, 03:01:00 AM »

The recent NX megatons, Starfox Zero, a huge dose of Life in Japan, and a Satellaview game. Need more?

The Famicast is back to full strength again with an amazing live recorded episode!  Before diving into New Business, the Famicrew have a special segment talking about Nintendo’s surprisingly flat announcement of the NX, Zelda WiiU and their E3 plans, along with a look at some other notes from the Nintendo Investors Meetings.

New business kicks off with Sairus experiencing the woes of buying supplies for Nintendo Land while James succumbs to commercialism and joins the recent Spongebob Splatfest. Danny covers past and future with playthroughs of both of the oddball Sutte Haken and the brand new Starfox Zero. Ty chimes in with his usual segment on DOOM and Killer Instinct to the general bewilderment of all Famicast listeners.

There wasn’t a whole lot of other news this week but there’s still some healthy discussion on the new multi-region Friends of Nintendo Humble Bundle, yet another new Pokemon Center opening in Japan and the impending release of Kirby: Robobo Planet.

As usual we also take a peek at the sales charts for the week before checking the mailbag. There were some juicy questions this week ranging from integration to Japanese culture and our opinions on VR! It’s good listening, so quit reading and get clicking on either the audio or video versions below!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 77 - MAXIMUM TENS
« on: April 18, 2016, 03:27:22 AM »

A heavily reduced Famicrew look back on the very best....and worst.

Danny and Sairus take the week off, leaving James and Ty free to completely ruin the podcast. Hide the Doritos and Mountain Dew because we go MAJOR LEAGUE this week!

Ty talks about a Japanese KI tournament, and a new (!) set of Doom levels made by Japanese fans. James gets to the heart of Miitomo trolling - Miitrollolling? Also, Captain Toad! Then, we talk about Mario Maker levels both made manifest, and those that live only in abstraction. Far out.

In the news, we answer the question - "What if Zelda was a girl?" Also, we watch the new Ace Attorney anime. Or not. But you can! Listen in to find out that you can watch them for free on Crunchyroll.

Then, a very special extra-authentic breakdown of Japanese sales charts. We go right to the source and painfully sound out the title of each new Yokai Watch crossover game and Vita exploding-clothes simulators.

And, finally, we re-review NWR's 10-point reviews throughout history. Do we agree with them still? Did we ever? The answers may arouse you.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 76 - MIITROLLO
« on: March 26, 2016, 02:37:35 AM »

What do this podcast and Miitomo have in common? They're both hot in Japan of course!

Yōkoso and welcome to another special episode of the Famicast – your bimonthly look into the world of Japanese gaming from the perspective of a bunch of foreigners! This episode was recorded live, so you can check out the video edition below.

In New Business we have an extended discussion on Nintendo’s new excursion into mobile apps as most of the Famicast Crew try out the currently Japan exclusive Miitomo. Of course Ty is having none of that and instead talks about Japan finally getting a release of DOOM! No, not that one.

In current news we take a quick look back at the recent Nintendo Direct since we managed to uh, completely forget to talk about most of the interesting Japanese releases finally making their way to the West in our previous episode. We also weigh in on’s recent move to allowing international shipping on games, the fate of the WiiU and a mid-show news drop about Pokemon GO.

As usual we also go through this weeks sales charts to see what’s hot in Japan, and what’s not. (Spoilers: it’s the Xbox One).

We have a special Life in Japan segment to round out the show too, where we talk about Japan’s famous customer service. We have plenty of stories about this, both good and bad, so it’s a fun ride!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 75 - GO-NEN A GO-GO BABY
« on: March 13, 2016, 01:21:04 AM »

The Famicast turns five years old! Come and celebrate with the Famicrew with this special episode!

Some said it couldn’t be done, but The Famicast turns five years old with this 75th episode! Join us for this wooden anniversary (Yes, really. Look it up.) as we celebrate those five years with with a look back and a look forward for all things Nintendo in Japan!

To start off we get into our new business as usual. Danny and Sairus catch up on some Mario and Pokémon while Ty brushes up on his bibles with Devil World and James surprises us with a mystery game! There is also a special Famicrew alumni jumping in for a quick chat too. Who could it be?

Just after our last show, there was a deluge of announcements from the most recent Nintendo Direct, so we catch up on and dissect the differences between the Japanese and Western shows. Are you excited by all the “new” SNES titles being released on the (New) 3DS Virtual Console?  Most of the Famicast crew have some choice thoughts on Nintendo’s crossbuy policy for them!There was also plenty of Japan centric news this week, from more updates on Wii U shortages to a Nintendo theme-park going into development in Osaka(!).

Just before we recorded there was a surprise announcement of a new Pokemon game coming to Smartphones called Ko Master. There’s not much known about the title yet, but if you want to get a potential scoop on how the game might play, check out this article from Nintendo World Report from waaay back in 2007!

The Famicast is not the only thing turning five this year, and so James’ son features as a special guest running his own "Guess That Amiibo" segment! After we’ve deciphered his clues we check out some reader questions before signing out!

It’s a packed show, so get yourself comfortable!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 74 - SLOW AS LIGHTNING
« on: February 27, 2016, 05:40:24 PM »

W the fun with the latest live episode of NWR's podcast from Japan.

*NOTE* This podcast was recorded roughly 24 hours before the latest Pokémon Direct. Tune in to the next episode for our thoughts. And as always, we thank you for your continued please understanding.

There might be a lull in Nintendo related news (with the exception of the aforementioned Direct), but the Famicrew are back to bring you the latest and greatest from Japan!

For New Business, Ty and Sairus break down Street Fighter V. Sure, the game is basically about five months away from being “complete,” but the two fighting game experts break down the good, the bad and the ugly. Ty also talks about, not the new one…

James, Danny and Sai also talk about some Nintendo games that they’ve been playing lately including the likes of Great Detective Pikachu, Bravely Second and Captain Toad. If you like Star Wars, Danny even sneaks a little bit of Battlefront talk into his New Business.

Even though there isn’t much news to cover, the guys bring a few tidbits of information as well as everyone’s favorite - the charts! After hearing the latest tips, tricks and news for Super Mario Maker and Splatoon in a JC Presents production, the guys tackle your questions in a quick fire, thunder round mini Life in Japan. From car swapping to the black market, prepare for the best (worst?)!

If you have any questions, comments or criticisms, contact on Twitter (@thefamicast), email us ( sound off in the comments below or on YouTube. Grab your W cheeseburger (or PBJ) and Asahi Super Dry and let’s get this party started! Famicast a go-go, baby!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 73 - HARD BOILED PIKACHU
« on: February 14, 2016, 06:02:00 PM »

Detective Pikachu cross Bayonetta divided by Hyrule Warriors equals Wii U shortages in Japan?

It’s another episode of the Famicast where Wii bring U the most horrifying Nintendo puns and news from deep in Japan!

To start us off, James has a quick recap on what he’s played this week, including a pretty in depth discussion about Bayonetta’s recent arrival in Smash Bros. Danny has been working through Detective Pikachu, a game I’m sure those who don’t speak Japanese are curious to hear about. Ty remains our anchor to the outside world and weighs in on the non-Nintendo stuff he’s been playing and finally Sairus drags himself away from Hyrule Warriors long enough to record a podcast.

James’ special Splatoon and Mario Maker segment returns due to popular (?) demand, and there’s a wealth of stuff to talk about this week from new characters to the best Splatfest that ever was.

In current news the crew touch on new revelations for Pokemon and Pokken, discuss a world without future updates to Smash Bros. and talk about a pretty surprising turn as retailers run into Wii U shortages in Japan.

As usual we also talk about the notable new releases and pick apart this week’s sales figures for Japan before going through all of our listener feedback and comments. Somehow we also find time to squeeze in a segment of Ty’s ever popular Fake or Real!

It’s a packed show, so strap in and… do whatever you usually do while listening to podcasts I guess.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 72 - DRUNK UNCLE MENDOZA
« on: January 30, 2016, 01:25:00 AM »

Pokémenz, Amiibo challenges, the new Box Boy, Hyrule Warriors and a dash of NX are sprinkled into the latest live outing from the Famicrew.

Your four favorite gaijin are back to talk about all things life, love and Nintendo games in Japan in a live episode of the Famicast!

As usual everyone gives a quick rundown of what’s new with them and what they’ve been playing recently. Both Sairus and Danny ended up on different versions of Hyrule Warriors and James gives his very mixed feelings about the recent Boxboy 2 and tries out a Call of Duty to see what all the fuss is about. Ty… well... Ty plays Scrabble. For achievements.

As usual James also fills us in on all the new updates and goings on in Splatoon and Mario Maker. This episode marks the end of Splatoon’s free weapons and stage updates, so it’s good listening!

For recent news the crew gushes about Mini Mario and Friends: Amiibo Challenge and its spectacular amiibo functionality. Has the amiibo Killer App finally arrived? There’s also a wealth of Pokémon news to talk about, and some NX rumors the guys promised they wouldn’t talk about but did anyway.

Finally, there’s some very quick discussion about this week’s sales before taking some reader feedback on topics ranging from Steam’s ease of use in Japan to Fire Emblem Fates’ controversial localization changes.

As this episode was recorded live there is a video archive also available! The final segment on Fire Emblem in particular might be worth watching in addition to listening to it!

It's too bad the artistic vision of Robotech was soiled by removing the episode with the gender-bending date rape drugs

Maybe I'm just getting too old or have been too sheltered, but spiking someone else's drink just never stroke me as an "okay" thing to do.

B-b-b-b-but, artistic vision!!!

Good job mistaking Lin for the customisable player character. This is the sort of thing that fuels accusations of moral police who don't actually play games.

Actually I did make a mistake, the 13 year old had the super revealing clothes and not the boob size slider. My bad!!!

Laffo at gamergators registering just to post in this thread. Did you guys get mad when they took out the boob size slider for the 13-year-old character in the other game too?

Maybe these things are being changed not because of "moral policing" or whatever, but because they are objectively terrible.

Fire Emblem turned me gay

Podcast Discussion / Re: Famicast 71 - SUPER NEW YEAR PLUS
« on: January 12, 2016, 09:38:10 AM »
The answer to that is super cool and interesting, actually.

Check this out. You can buy something on steam, select convenience store payment, and then walk on over to the nearest convenience store and pay there with the payment number, either with the kiosk or just give it directly to the cashier. I haven't actually tried this yet (I still use a US debit card), but some of my local pals have. Maybe I'll test it out just so I can talk about it on the next Famicast.

Podcast Discussion / Episode 71 - SUPER NEW YEAR PLUS
« on: January 11, 2016, 12:29:00 AM »

The most extreme Japan podcast on the internet blazes straight into 2016!

It’s a new year, and you know what that means! More of almost exactly the same as last year as four foreigners in Japan sit around talking about games as if they’re experts on the subject or something. However, while the core format of the show will remain the same, we’re going to make an effort to give you a leaner, less waffly show going forward!

To keep things in familiar ground we kick off the show with a look at the games we played over the holidays. Danny tries out a DS classic courtesy of Ty, while Ty himself finally clears Fallout 4. James reminisces about his glory days as a (digital) extreme sports pro with Virtual Console versions of Waverace 64 and 1080 Snowboarding. Sairus rounds out the segment by finally scratching his Bayonetta 2 itch.

There’s generally not a huge amount of news around this time of year, but we still discuss Japan finally getting a 2DS launch alongside VC releases of first generation Pokemon titles and Sairus continues to gripe about new information for Pokken Tournament. We also have some light speculation about the NX based on recent rumors and analyst predictions.

We also have a look at recent new releases like the actually quite interesting VC edition of Super Mario Advance 4: Mario Bros 3, before checking out the Japanese Sales Charts for the last week.

Finally we check out some reader messages and a little Life in Japan section on how Japan likes to spend their Winter Holidays!

Ake Ome, Koto Yoro! (Happy New Year, please continue to be nice to us!)

Podcast Discussion / Episode 70 - NXMAS AWAKENS
« on: December 24, 2015, 01:43:00 PM »

It's long...

Welcome to a special Christmas edition of the Famicast where we barely even mention Christmas at all! Though if two special features and a bonus special feature aren’t Christmas presents for you lucky, lucky listeners then I don’t know what is. As usual we kick things of with what we’ve all been playing recently. Danny seems confused to find he was playing Lost Reavers, James once again shocks by playing Splatoon and Mario Maker, Sairus gives himself carpal tunnel syndrome on Kid Icarus Uprising and Ty tries out the indie hit Undertale.

In a relatively quiet news week we touch on Nintendo finally giving into James’ demands for a WiiU edition of Minecraft and Sairus rambles on about Pokken Tournament updates. The whole crew also give their opinions on the recent and final Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct announcements of new characters and costumes.

In the first of two special features we look back on the history of Nintendo’s consoles and how so many of their design decisions were shaped by a focus on the Japanese lifestyle and not Western markets. Will this trend continue with the NX?

The second feature sees us going through our Nintendo gameplay logs to see exactly what games had our attention this year. Ty also gives us a profoundly disturbing look at his Xbox habits. We also encourage all our listeners to do the same and let us know how your year panned out!

In a final bonus segment, the Famicrew are joined by a guest host from a long time ago in a prefecture… actually quite close to everyone else, to talk about the 2nd most popular movie in Japanese cinemas this Christmas - Star Wars the Force Awakens.

telling us what you want from the NX!

a quick death :faust:


Now remastered for your listening pleasure!

It's a triple Japan podcast crossover, all for the kids! Joining JC and Ty for this special show was Cheesemeister from the Red Sun Gamer podcast and Twitter-based Nintendo Direct translations, plus John Davis previously from Q-Games' and the Pixeljunk Radio podcast.

After some hot new business, the guys reminisce on the first Japanese consoles they bought, plus a look back at the history of Nintendo consoles in Japan. Naturally, at some point Famicom karaoke games come up.The show ends with the Famicast's most popular* feature - Fake or Real! How will our special guests do at their first attempt? Ty wraps things up with what he does best - Scrub Quotes! He collated an all time top ten list for your enjoyment and/or embarrassment.Thanks to everyone who listened in live and donated to Child's Play, we had an awesome time recording it, but it was all for the kids so keep donating if you can!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 69 - AMIIBRO FESTIVAL
« on: November 26, 2015, 07:47:00 PM »

Get the latest from Japan coming directly to your ear holes from your favorite Amiibros.

The Famicast crew are back for another chinwag (It’s a word. Look it up.) about all the recent Japanese goings on for Nintendo in the wake of the long awaited return of Nintendo Direct!

As usual we kick off with a round of what we’ve been playing recently. Ty technically plays a Nintendo game for once as he digs up achievements in Shovel Knight, James plays Splatoon much to everyone’s surprise, Sairus continues on his Shantae marathon and Danny teaches a friend that yes, the original Ninja Gaiden is actually kind of difficult.

Every major region gets its own version of Nintendo Direct, so the meat of this show is going over to discussion on the Japanese version and how it differed from the ones the western world tuned into. Does Mother 3 on the WiiU Virtual Console sound interesting to anyone? Well tough luck if you’re not in Japan!

In other cultural news we talk about Square Enix’s Call of Duty series (something seems off about that statement…) and Japan’s growing propensity to wearing medical masks all the time.

Ty rounds the show out with another Fake or Real segment along with a quick look at the latest in Japanese sales figures. Could Xbox One finally be making a comeback?! Tune in to find out!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 68 - YO-KAI WATCHERS
« on: November 13, 2015, 02:23:47 PM »

Yo-kai, that's why...or something...

*note* This episode was recorded 24 hours before the latest Nintendo Direct was announced. Please understand and look forward to some Direct discussion on the next episode!

Proton packs strapped to their backs, the entire Famicrew is back to bust some yokai and talk about the latest rumblings from Japan!

The show kicks off with New Business covering a variety of topics. Lots of different games including the likes of Shovel Knight, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Mario Maker, Splatoon and more. Ty even tries his hand at level creation and oddly enough shows interest in Disney Infinity. Tune in to find out why!

Next, the guys have a feature discussion all about Nintendo’s next platform, the NX. The crew goes over what we know about the system so far (not a whole lot), potential BS, and what we expect out of the system.

After going through some news and charts, JC kick off a very special segment all about Yo-kai Watch! Incidentally, there are loads of Life in Japan-like things that come out of this (you can learn the Japanese word for fart, for example). Be sure to listen to learn everything there is to know (maybe) about yokai and if things in this Western release are handled responsibly.

Be sure to leave your comments in the thread below! And feel free to follow us on twitter (@thefamicast) or to shoot us an email ( We want to hear from YOU! Famicast a go-go, baby!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 67 - CRAZY PUMPKIN NIGHT
« on: October 29, 2015, 04:44:43 AM »

Does Halloween even exist in Japan? It does if you listen to this show!

This is Thriller! Thriller Night! Actually no it isn't, it's the Famicast. Sorry for misleading you there, but we do have a Halloween themed show for you!In New Business Danny and JC continue fawning over Super Mario Maker and Splatoon, the latter of which Danny finally completed. James shares more of his thoughts on making levels and the best way to experience them. He also played the "impossible" level, how far did he get? You'll see!

News looks at the WiiU bundle situation around the world, what is the deal with those anyway? Why are they so relatively expensive? Inevitably, Reggie is blamed at some point.After new releases, Ty hits up another round of Fake or Real, can Danny's perfect streak continue? Let us know if you fair better/worse than the Famicrew.

The show rounds out with a nice little discussion on Halloween in Japan, scary games and what games have given us jump-scares in the past, it's sure to be a spoooooktacular time! I'm sorry.

Anyway, grab your Pamyu Pamyu pudding and let's get pumpkin crazy!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 66: TRIFORCE ZEROES
« on: October 16, 2015, 03:04:55 PM »

The Famicrew dishes out tips for making Mario and cooperating in Zelda!

Your three heroes (and Ty) are back for another insightful look into Japanese Nintendo gaming from a foreign perspective!To start off, in a special segment James, Danny and Sairus give their extremely mixed opinions on the recent stress test demo of Hyrule Heroes. Once they’ve all finished bitching about how stupid their teammates were, the whole crew discuss what other new(?) games they’ve been playing this month. Could this be the day that Ty actually plays a Nintendo game? Be sure to check it out!

In the news section we cover the possible issues with the recent Smash Bros Shovel Knight rumor as the game has yet to release here, along with updates on Pokken, Yokai Watch and an exciting look into the world of Nintendo stationary!

Moving along we take a look at some uninspiring sales charts for the week and upcoming releases before Ty dazzles us with another round of the always popular Real or  Fake segment.

Before moving onto the letters we also open a new recurring segment on the show where we discuss the latest developments in Mario Maker and our experiences with the game.

It’s a pretty packed show, so strap yourselves in!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 65: TGS 2015 - MAKING HISTORY
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:28:00 AM »

Join Danny, JC, Ty, Sai and a former Famicast member for this very special TGS/Mario version of the Famicast!

While the Famicast crew are of course always on site in Japan giving you exclusive access to the beating pulse of Japanese gaming, there comes a special time of year when the gaming press of the world flock to Tokyo to see just how it is we give such red hot news discussion. That time is September, and the place is the Tokyo Game Show.

All four of the Famicast regulars attended the show with Danny and Sairus weighing in on virtually all of the various Nintendo games on display. James gives us a look into the various booths on display (which you can also check out on the NWR youtube channel here) and Ty lives to tell the tale of braving the crowds of one of TGS’ public days. A special guest/former Famicast member also drops by Freshness Burger in Tokyo with JC and Danny to give his thoughts on the show’s offerings.

We also delve into the regular Famicast features with a brief look at what we’ve been playing at home recently, the news of an unsurprising delay for Star Fox Zero and then a look at Japan’s sales charts.

James closes out the show with a special feature on the Mario 30th Anniversary concert also held in Tokyo this week. As a bonus that concert also supplies this episode with all of its musical interludes!

Podcast Discussion / Episode 64 - DISNEY INFERNO
« on: September 17, 2015, 02:55:05 AM »

Super Mario Maker and Disney Inifinty 3.0 coming in at a scorching 100 degrees!

Kept ya waiting huh? Sorry about that, we've just been busy. Hey, it's a new Famicast, such excitement! That's right, Danny, JC, Ty, and Sai huddle up do talk some Japanese Nintendo videogames.

New business has the inevitable Splatoon, Mario Maker, Disney Infinity 3.0 talk, with Ty bringing the (timely) non-tendo talk about MGSV. Happy with all that? You are more than welcome.

All the fun charts and Japan news is covered as you'd expect, Pokemon Go and that crossover game with the title no one can remember. Want to play a fun game? Guess how many Xbox Ones were sold this week in Japan!

Next up is a special feature all about the Nintendo 64 in Japan! The crew took the opportunity, and the fact that the episode number seemed right, to talk all about the crazy Japan-exclusive games that hit the console. What the hell is a Doraemon anyway? If you're wondering where Danny is during this section, don't worry, he is alive, he just had to step out due to a dangerously high fever. He must have been sick to miss out on a chance to talk about the 64DD!

Lastly we wrap things up with your letters and tweets, as well as a quick preview of the Tokyo Games Show that just started today (Sept 17th). Wondering if any Nintendo games will be at the show? Find out here!

So grab your cool patch and your Disney dance mats, and let's Famicast!

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