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Nintendo Gaming / DONKEY KONG COUNTRY!!!!! SUCKS!!
« on: March 19, 2007, 04:06:28 PM »
I am assuming that you guys don't remember how the original DKC looked like, because your review of the game was "RECOMMENDED" and what not.  After buying the game, loading it, and noticing what a crappy job Nintendo did porting the game over.  I regret spending my 800 pts on such a cheap port of DKC.  This port looks like what it should belong on the GBA, and for Nintendo not being able to port this game over the proper way discourages me to buy another VC game for the SNES.  

NWR staff, please oh please, when you do reviews, compare it to the SNES graphically too.  And if you don't remember how it looks like, go dig in that closet of yours and pull out your SNES.  I downloaded DKC in hope that it would look as good as it did on the SNES, and it disappointed me, and I have this feeling that all the SNES games will look as crappy as the DKC port.

I would recommend "NO" to this download if you are a hard core DKC fan, and "YES" if you will never get to experience the original, even though it will never compare to it.

Thanks for reading this message.  

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