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Fantastic Coverage of the Switch Presentation


Multiple hands-ons, agents in New York, Japan and Europe, hot takes right after the conference, and the always fun IRC chat.

Good job team NWR*!

*congratulations excludes Khushrenada  ;)

You know, normally I'd ban someone for such a snub of congratulations but nowadays I can't help but wonder if it isn't being done on purpose because the user wants to be banned. Why else would anyone ever saying something disrespectful about me? Thus, I'd only be rewarding the user for their slight to me and that's just not a good outcome as far as I'm concerned.

Therefore, I've decided the best course of action is to randomly ban someone else. That way the person who insulted me is forced to stay here and endure more of my NWR Non-Award Winning Postings and the person randomly banned will be upset at them for waking a sleeping giant like myself. Using a random forum username generator, I have selected the user to be banned in place of ShyGuy. And it is...... MegaByte. Hmmmm. Excuse me. I misread that. It's.... Pokepal148. Yeah! That's the ticket. Say goodbye to Pokepal148, ShyGuy. NWR's coverage may be fantastic but your post sure wasn't. ;)

It was a great job. Thanks to everyone. It's impressive how quickly and coherently you folks turn around the information.


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