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Phone - Iphone 5S, Safari.  I pull up the forums website and it pushes from the safari app to the app store.  on the app store, it directly goes to the lyft app download page.
computer - HP computer.  Internet explorer.  I pulled-up the forum page, and it was a Zales banner ad.  Before loading, the page would refresh and just load the Zales banner ad, not loading any of the rest of the forum page.
Located around Raleigh, NC.  It was this morning, 8:30 AM EST.  Happened a few times on my phone earlier this morning and last night. 
Thanks for looking into it.

Happened again on mobile just now.  pushed directly from the forum site to the app store on a game called "slots - House of Fun!". 

Happening again multiple times on PC just now.  Load a page on the forums just for it to redirct to just the banner ad for Zales at the top.  Internet Explorer.  Hope you guys can figure out what's happening.


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