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What can you post in Talkback? Why has it become more "sacred" lately?

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This is what the cited posts look like:

--- Quote from: azeke on October 15, 2013, 11:44:15 PM ---
--- Quote from: Kytim89 on October 15, 2013, 07:10:14 PM ---Nintendo needs a Pokemon game for the Wii U.

--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Khushrenada on May 07, 2014, 04:37:26 PM ---
--- Quote from: Ceric on April 28, 2014, 11:06:13 AM ---
--- Quote from: leahsdad on April 27, 2014, 05:10:49 PM ---The meiji era is actually not THAT well represented.  Think the clash between classic and modern, a la BRISCO COUNTY JR.

--- End quote ---
I really liked Brisco County Jr.  back in the day.

Also I can't wait to see what Meiji Era California looks like.

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--- Quote from: ShyGuy on October 08, 2013, 03:42:25 PM ---
--- Quote from: Ian Sane on October 08, 2013, 12:24:21 PM ---
--- Quote from: broodwars on October 08, 2013, 01:57:02 AM ---
--- Quote from: ShyGuy on October 07, 2013, 08:41:14 PM ---I hope this developer uses this as an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles and learn a new type of game.

--- End quote ---

There is no creativity to be gained working on a fitness shovelware game.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, finding a creative new way to exercise would be a pretty big deal. :)

--- End quote ---

Yeah it was kind of a big deal back during the first one. ;)

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: UncleBob on October 15, 2013, 12:51:00 AM ---This is a forum for adults.  Mild swearing isn't grounds for reporting a post.

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Oblivion on October 15, 2013, 04:09:43 AM ---Wait, did he report my use of the word "****" in my rant? Or was it nickmitch's? Either way...

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: UncleBob on October 15, 2013, 08:10:57 AM ---
--- Quote from: Oblivion on October 15, 2013, 04:09:43 AM ---Wait, did he report my use of the word "****" in my rant? Or was it nickmitch's? Either way...
--- End quote ---

Don't assume you know who reported it. :D

--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: AzureNightmare on July 26, 2007, 05:13:23 PM ---

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--- Quote from: pokepal148 on December 22, 2014, 12:30:08 AM ---

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--- Quote from: Luigi Dude on July 14, 2014, 10:31:01 AM ----A Fire Emblem character that uses magic is finally playable
-Reveal shows there are still new characters the leaker didn't reveal, meaning Ridley still has a chance

--- End quote ---

On seeing these posts, does one still think the original post is "a bit too much"? Does it seem like it went beyond the "Talkback limits"? Or do you feel it fits right in with what has always been allowed?

I generally don't use more then one image per TalkBack post.

That said I've basically inadvertently derailed that Pokemon thread at least twice and gotten away with it so...

So, your argument that your post, containing multiple gifs and a little bit of snark directed towards users posting something you didn't like is digging up old posts (seriously, one is from 2007), each with a single image, many which are somewhat related to the topic at hand (seriously, one is referencing the importance of Wii Fit in the industry and shows a giant group of people going crazy over Wii/Wii Fit...) and only one of which is in any way snarky towards another user (and in that case, I think it was more disbelief over the fact it was reported in the first place)?

I'm out.  If this is the argument being made, I'm out.

It was mentioned that the deleted post was not in the spirit of Talkback. What is the spirit of Talkback? Perhaps it comes from what is posted in it by the staff. What do the articles about Talkback tell us. Obviously, there are news articles about Nintendo gaming. There is also impressions and previews of games. There are also reviews of games. Sounds like serious stuff. And I'm sure the articles reflect that with none of the bold bylines ever making a joke or the staff takes on the news displaying any kind of humorous comment about a news item or that a review would be written in a hilarious fashion at it eviscerates a game. I'm sure the staff is always shown to be super serious. And if you really need links showing otherwise, you clearly don't read Talkback articles.

Yet, in addition to that, we see other kinds of articles posted to Talkback. For instance, famicomplicated posted an article called Star Fox Wii U Dream Reviews in which he states "This feature is the written form of those two dreams" and "this is entirely fictitious and thus far has only occurred in my fevered dreams!" That's right, folks. The article is about two reviews of a fictitious game that occurred in a staff members head while sleeping. This is serious stuff. No joking please.

There is also the Staff Sez feature. An example of which can be found here talking about the Smash Ballot. These articles never feature jokes by the staff or about them through the use of nicknames. No, these articles are very serious roundtable discussions so please no humour.

Perhaps a staff member would like to write a sort of blog post or personal experience like Halbred did in Of Nerds and Men: Singularity. The article clearly features no tongue in cheek type statements. Yes, it may feature a Picard face palm which is a meme pic but it is in the spirit of Talkback and if you were to post a meme pic in response, that would be going against what Talkback is about.

Or maybe you are a staff member who has made some images of Shantae. Why not post a Talkback article for you to show off those pictures with the tenuous link of it being related to the Shantae kickstarter soon to close as shown in this thread called A Flirtatious Figurine Sure, it may seem like making thread to just show off personal artwork might not sound like it belongs in Talkback but you, my friend, don't understand the Talkback spirit. And as the article states at the end, "You can read about Shantae's series and the Kickstarter campaign in the feature I wrote a few days ago, but due to the nature of the feature, I had to force myself to be unbiased and impartial. Here I can let loose with unbridled opinion: go pledge on the game! Do it now!" Encouraging readers to pledge to a game you like and helping promote it is alright. One might think that would be solicitation or spam but it was posted in Talkback so you know nothing.

And who doesn't like a Top 10 list? That is always serious business as shown in this thread highlighting Top Ten Ways to Boost Wii U Sales. You'll notice that multiple pictures are not used in the article and it list real and important steps that could be implemented. Talkback is not place for unbridled humour.

The top ten feature was so great that it became the Top-Tendo. It continued the tradition of serious video game reporting as shown in this article, the incredibly long titled, The Nintendo Top-Tendo #3: The Top Ten Games That My Uncle Who Works For Nintendo Told Me Were Coming Out The video listing the ten games was clearly serious as shown by one comment stating that "This was painfully unfunny." That's the spirit of Talkback.

I'm not sure if you're just being you and stirring up **** for the hell of it or you seriously can't understand what he's trying to say. No one's saying TalkBack has to be serious. It's perfectly fine to joke around in that section, it's just a matter of degree. In the same way you can get crazier and weirder in the Funhouse than the rest of the forums, it goes the other way in TalkBack. That's the most visible part of the forums, and we'd like to make the community here seem approachable, and users taking shots at each other and spamming image memes doesn't do that.


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