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What can you post in Talkback? Why has it become more "sacred" lately?

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I leave you now with two final links.

The first one is a link to the article Pikachu Starring in New Pokémon Game in which the comment section became a large joke about the name of this new Pokémon game.

The other link is from the article Reggie Fils-Aime Appearing at The Game Awards in December in which I make a series of Cranky Kong jokes which one user states:

--- Quote from: ClexYoshi on November 12, 2014, 06:40:34 PM ---This is the best thread I've seen on this website so far.

--- End quote ---

You could call those comments more Funhouse like but I think they are better than most of the other examples of Talkback posts listed in this thread. I think at the end of this all, to state that the original meme pic was somehow worse or over the Talkback standard is ludicrous especially considering what has come before. I don't know why humour has to be so feared for the Talkback section. I feel these last two examples show a more inviting community and place to visit than many of the other examples listed. The idea that arguments over Nintendo sales figures, over review scores, and just general negativity to Nintendo news is somehow going to attract a better and more lively clientele is beyond me. But those are the types of posts that make up the majority of Talkback and are felt to be worthy of making others want to join the community or creating a better image. If you can have the optimists and the pessimists constantly posting away at each other, why not a bit of the anarchists like the NinGurl's, the Infernal Monkey's and sometimes the Khushrenada's to provide levity? When you consider some of the ideas and topics that have been posted as Talkback threads and articles, I don't know why the comments are being so scrutinized as turning people away when the articles themselves are sometimes just as questionable.

Must we really get into semantics about every post? This post has 3 images but this one only has 1 so it is acceptable. What about 2 images? Or one large and one small? How many rules and standards and criteria do we have to start listing for posts that are ok and not ok? This is why I feel that there is a growing strictness lately that goes counter to what has come before is potentially misguided.

The funny thing about it all is that I posted a comment like that in Talkback for the specific reason of it perhaps being more visible on the chance it would be humorous to other readers because I'd like to see the community gain more members, particularly lighter-hearted ones. I'm just trying to help the community look more attractive and am doing so of my own free time. I don't have to post here or worry about making the site grow. Yet, I want to do so. On the other hand, I've made pics and comments directed particularly at users in a Talkback thread that did not get deleted or receive a reprimand. Thus, the direction from the staff seems to be let's not have silly jokes in Talkback but rather just encourage the users to keep fighting and arguing with one another and ranting and raving at each other. And that's a beautiful image to put out.

So, I end this defense after this look through Talkback by asking the questions I asked in the beginning. Is this the type of comment that should be allowed under an article or added to the ongoing conversation about it? Do you find something offensive about it? Does it ruin the conversation or article for you on seeing it? Do you think it sends a bad message about a website if they were to allow it in their comment section? Do you find yourself agreeing with the member who removed the post? Or do you think they may have reacted too strongly?

And if you were still not sure if I am right or not about this Talkback talk, then I direct you to the smoking gun evidence:

--- Quote from: NWR_insanolord on May 24, 2015, 12:57:50 AM ---we haven't given a specific set of rules for TalkBack

--- End quote ---

This means there are no rules for Talkback and the oppression of humorous posts should stop. Thanks Insanolord!


--- Quote from: Shaymin on May 23, 2015, 08:26:01 AM ---Speaking personally for a moment: Since Talkback (and Podcast Discussion) posts show up on the main site, I can see why they'd want to clean up for content. Meme pics just show up as links,

--- End quote ---
They aren't even full on links if I'm not mistaken they are just the text url to the image.

I'm about to do a little test to see if embedding a url into an image will make it display as a full on link on the article view.


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