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Post of the Month Contest - win $10 eShop Credit

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Okay, I thought this might liven up the forums a little.

I'm going to give away a $10 eShop card (US only - if the winner is from outside the US, I'll see what I can do, but can't make any promises).

Here's how to enter:  Post on the forums.  Post quality, worth-while, well-thought-out, original and unique posts.

In this thread, you can nominate one other post, made on the NWR Forums, for the "Post of the Month".  Few requirements though:

A.) You cannot nominate your own post.
B.) You have June 2nd to nominate a post, but you may do so at any time before then.  The post must have been made sometime in May of 2015.
C.) You can only nominate one post.  If you nominate a post early-on and find a better post later, you can go back and edit your first nomination to remove the nomination and add in the new one (or create a new post).  If you manage to nominate multiple posts during the month, only the most recent nomination will count.
D.) Posts made in the Funhouse are the only ones that qualify for this contest.  If you're making quality posts in the Funhouse, you're clearly more valuable to society than everyone else.
E.) NWR staff posts do not qualify for this contest either, unless they're by that handsome devil insanolord.  Face it, no one from staff really posts on the forums anyway, and the ones that do don't make quality posts. :D
F.) My own posts do not qualify.  If they did, I'd automatically win.

After June 2nd, I'll compile the nominated posts and allow any NWR Staff Members to vote on the post they like the most.  In the event of a tie, I will make the deciding vote amongst the tied posts.

This contest is in no way affiliated with NWR and is just something I'm throwing together for fun.
I reserve the right to tweak the rules and qualifying requirements at any time.

Nominate a post by copying the direct URL to the post into a reply to this thread.  Include the name of the original thread title, who the author of the post is, and what reply number it is (so we can find it easy and hopefully avoid any confusion).

Get to posting. :D

I'm going to delete every post in this span that isn't by me so I win by default.

UncleBob Sucks.

Now I just need someone to nominate this May 2015 post not made in the funhouse or by an NWR staff member or UncleBob himself and this contest is over.

I nominate the post Khush made right above this one.


--- Quote from: The Aura Ghost on May 01, 2015, 06:44:45 AM ---Look I know I'm not the smartest, or funniest, but I make up for it in heart.
And shaymin we Australian's don't hold grudges so any time buddy..

--- End quote ---
Here's my nomination.


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