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Can something be done about the auto-play anti-smoking ads?

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We actually discuss this on NFR 41 if memory Serves.

Still can't be as bad as the ones I had for a while.

And by for a while I mean until last week.

I'm getting inundated with these stupid audio playing video block ads.

The ads are playing in a JWplayer from AdXChange. They select the ad with the AdChoice program. Can we get rid of the talking? I can deal with the video playing, but mute the friggin' thing.

Thanks, by the way, to whoever fixed the audio ad issues a few months back. I will credit Megabyte.

The ads I get when I browse the forums on my phone (which is 95% of the time) automatically open the App Store. While annoying, this would be fine except that in the last few weeks, it started opening a blank page and the address bar says "tracking.[somethingsomething]." I got several of those ads just trying to post this and one of them at least is tracking.crobo.com. When I try to go back to the previous page, it often opens the App Store and the blank page again until I just go back to the forum home page and try going back to the page I was originally on that way then it's hit or miss whether the App Store/blank page open again.

I didn't want to say anything because I realize websites need money to operate which they typically get from ads, and I know I'm not going to donate if it came down to that. I'm not bemoaning the need for the ads themselves, but the older ones were far less intrusive. Before this current crop, there were ads in between blocks of posts, the banner ads towards the top of the page that didn't also open to that game on the App Store (the ad changes but currently, it's the Kim Kardashian game which is doubly insulting), or the ads that appeared at the bottom that you had to click the extremely tiny X to dismiss. I didn't really mind the first two. The third was kind of a pain to deal with because I'd slighly miss the X and be taken to some page selling me things. The App Store/blank page ads are the worst and whoever invented that style of ad should be punched in the dick repeatedly. It looks like they're tracking how many times people check out their game on the App Store, but that's light speed flawed since no one is choosing to do so on their own volition.


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