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Article vs Forum View on talkback issues and issues with quotes.

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now look at my second post on the whole pokeball vivillon deal on the forum view version.

And let's look at it again on the sites news comment section thing.

Now we're going to play a game of spot the differences, there are two major differences that should probably be resolved, have you found them yet?

the news article view cuts the post about halfway through, right about where the (/quote) tag is but *gasp*

Any indication of me quoting anything has also vanished.

Thank you for playing. Tonights episode is sponsored by: Shorts, they're comfy and easy to wear.

forum code is fucked up. it doesn't help that if you are in talk back, you can't go back and edit to fix the random changes to [code] that the forum will make without your input or knowledge until you hit the send button.

sometime it will do it if you hit the backspace.
lots of time it will format quoted text from another site and add all sorts of stuff, like font, color, size, and other unintended code that shouldn't have carried over, and might not have even appeared to have been present to begin with. It's frustrating, but that's why you gotta click the "Red A" before pasting anything and preview before posting.

But my browser doesn't support Rich Text editing.

Get a better browser.

That's too much work. Get some better forum software for me to use instead.


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