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seem to keep getting 'Error 502' alot


Took forever to get to 'create new topic' and it's taking a few attempts to post this.

--- Quote ---502 Bad Gateway

The proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server. Sorry for the inconvenience.
Please report this message and include the following information to us.
Thank you very much!

URL:   http://www.nintendoworldreport.com/forums/index.php?board=14.0
Server:   nintendoworldreport
Date:   2014/06/10 19:16:54
Powered by Tengine/2.0.3

--- End quote ---

It's Day 1 of E3 and the hype is flowing like wine. I believe the term for this is "NeoGAF syndrome".

It's a special warning created in the forum code just for you. It's made to make you consider what you are about to post because it's probably not worth it. Hi-yoooooo!!!

Someone was spamming /v/ that our site had live smash roundtable info causing the traffic & F5'ing flood.

I suspect Khush's doing.


--- Quote from: stevey on June 11, 2014, 02:04:54 AM ---Someone was spamming /v/ that our site had live smash roundtable info causing the traffic & F5'ing flood.

I suspect Khush's doing.

--- End quote ---

A good hunch but, alas, in this case, I am not responsible.

No, for this year's overthrow of the forums, I'm going a different route. 2 words: dupe accounts. ekolimits, partylandladera1, and hastingsj1213. What do these usernames mean? Who can say? Last year's overthrow was hampered by the fact that people involved did so using their own accounts. But this year, by using dupe accounts, I hope to make it untraceable as to who's involved. By setting up these oddball user accounts for a period of some 5 years, I've now amassed a large army of accounts to use which, when all activated and begin posting everywhere, should bring about forum wide devestation of bumped threads, rule breaking posts, spammy threads, offensive pictures and reports to moderators from here to the moon which should cause them to just give and let these forums burn. Best of all, this time I can play innocent as what prior dealings with any of these 100's of accounts have with me? There is no evidence.

And once the destructive campaign is finished, I will then step forward and steer these forums back on to a path of recovery and repair which I can do have authored it's destruction and knowing all problems created. But it will be rebuilt under my rules and the staff shall have no choice but to make me king of the forums and head of NWR. And then we shall see a new age in games journalism and the media coverage in this industry. But I fear I'm getting ahead of myself and I really can't say too much on the matter or people might start to connect the dots between the uprising and me so I'm going to leave the discussion at that.

Just remember to take any copies and snapshots of things in the forum you'd like to keep by 12 noon EST on Jun. 11, 2014. No rush or anything. I just am encouraging other users to make back-ups of data which is always a good idea. Perfectly innocent suggestion from a perfectly innocent poster.


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