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Pixelated Pixies:
I've never really understood NWR's karma/smite system, but I was curious why every post I've made in recent weeks has automatically resulted in a 'smite'? If I was posting vitriol then maybe I'd understand, but this seems to happen even when I'm just commenting on a game I've recently played. Should I seek the help of a witchdoctor?

Why did I read "anti-Semite" for the topic title?  :Q

Wasn't me. I like Pixpix.

I'm gonna scribble the name of a witch doctor that can help you on this piece of paper, and this list of items you need to take to him along with $10k in cash. Tell him that Mutimbe came to you in dream and that is why you seek his help. He will cleanse your smites and send them back to your smiter.

But tread carefully, because if you piss him off, bad things can happen.

Smited for complaining about our glorious system


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