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This is a silly request perhaps, but...

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...Would it be possible to have on the main forum page how many people are currently viewing the different sections of the forum? I think it would show that the NWR forums are more active than they look, and it would be cool to see what's the most popular sections.

I dunno if that's a great idea from me, but I wanted to share it anyway!  :D

Like this?

Sort of, but I mean on the main forum page it'd be something akin to:

"Talkback - 230 people are viewing this forum"

There's something at the bottom of the main forum page that does it for the entire forum. Given those low numbers (the forums make up a pretty small fraction of website views), I'm not sure it makes sense to put effort into doing that for individual sections. There's also overall stats.

Okay. Thank you.
I hope this request wasn't stupid. :(


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