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Let me edit my damn posts

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The ****? Give us back the ability to edit all our posts or rename the site to Nintendo Misspelled Retort

Pixelated Pixies:
I have to agree. As someone who sucks at writing and, therefore, likes to fine-tune the grammar of a post after the fact, not having the option to amend them is a real bummer.

Please direct any and all complaints about the inability to edit posts to S-U-P-E-R and Tlon.

so we all suffer because of two idiots and their childish pranks...

SUPER should not have had control of that thread... it should have been transferred to unclebob or someone the moment he was relieved of his duties...

and if what I'm hearing about tlon and his actions is correct then that just points to a problem with your thread merging system....(understandable, those things happen)

but the first one is absolutely pure incompetence... and we should not be made to suffer for it...


--- Quote from: Oblivion on July 11, 2013, 02:41:49 AM ---It can't be that hard to put a five minute timer on the post or something.

--- End quote ---


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