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Let me edit my damn posts

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In the mafia forum I believe you can delete posts you made so maybe you can let us basically hit copy all and fix what was made then delete the original.

But rereading some of MB responses the 10 minute editing limit option being an all or nothing deal is just ridiculous, there has to be some way to get an update or something.

But if we're gonna be searching the smf mods thing then I would like to get this straight, what we're looking for is basically an expanded permissions system on editing that works with the current software (SMF V. 2.0.5 with some database software called postgres) correct?


--- Quote from: MegaByte on July 14, 2013, 05:37:15 PM ---There is an alternative option:
The software will let us switch on a maximum edit time (so we could set it to 5 or 10 minutes, which should generally account for typos), but that setting will apply to all forums. Is that a reasonable trade-off? I think so, but it will mess up a few threads where the first post is edited continually, so I'll just put it out there as an option.

--- End quote ---
Alright one quick question, in the mafia thread there's a 'delete post' button. If the software would allow you to make a universal setting to a time limit for post editing would it allow you to do the same for deletion?

If it will then would there be anything with a post being deleted that could mess up a talkback thread when viewed on the main site?

And if there isn't then is there anything else preventing you from basically applying your 'alternative solution' to post deletion that i'm not seeing?

Not really related to the OP of this thread, but I didn't want to start a new one just incase it was just me....

I created a new thread, and I tried to modify it after posting because of "automatic forum inserted code" that I needed to correct. But when I hit the button to remove the coded format, the entire post was blank. I closed Chrome and opened it again thinking that might be the problem, but it was still blank once I tried to do the same thing.

I ended up having to copy the post before clicking the "remove formatting" button, and then paste and edit from there. Just a weird error I thought I would share.


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