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Khushrenada's Annual Oscar Thread. 2022 Edition.

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Last year, it was pretty bleak time for me when it came to this Oscar routine. Covid had killed theaters and I had seen none of the movies even nominated for Best Picture that year. This year had some promise that things might get better as we got close to June and vaccination rates had gone up. Some bigger movies were finally showing up in theaters after sitting out 2020. Unfortunately, that respite was short-lived as Covid protocols returned and going to the theater was a question of do I really want to risk my health for this movie?

While my movie watching was back up again from the past few years (I guess I could have posted another thread listing all the movies I watched in 2021), again it was a case of very few movies that actually premiered in 2021 and mainly older films of the past. Unlike last year, I've actually seen one of the movies nominated for Best Picture so that's an improvement.  :P (For the record, that movie is Dune).

Here's some quick useless trivia for you: With the 10 movies nominated for Best Picture this year, that makes a total of 584 movies that have been nominated for Best Picture over the Academy's history. Of those 584 movies, I have seen 462 of them leaving 122 to still watch. The decade with the most films I still have yet to watch is the 1930s with 30 movies still left there. In second place, it is a tie with the 1940s and the 2020s with both decades currently at 16 movies each I have yet to see. So, that's how well things have been going for Best Picture nominees the past couple years and me.

Last year showed one can still compete in predicting the nominees without having seen the pictures so let's try it again this year.

Let's start with the awards most people seem to be saying are a lock. (Although upsets can still happen in a category deemed a lock. Last year was a surprise outlier in that all 7 choices I said were a lock did indeed play out that way. Here's hoping the trend continues this year.)

Best Director: Jane Campion

(There is some talk of potentially giving Spielberg his third Oscar but I think it likely they nominate a long time female Director who has yet to win and was nominated before.)

Best Actor: Will Smith

Smith lost when he was nominated for Ali against Denzel who won for Training Day. Denzel is nominated again this year but I don't think that he's going to stop Smith again especially with Smith playing another biographical role and one that has earned praise from the Williams' sisters. There are rumblings of Andrew Garfield and Benedict Cumberbatch possibly being a dark horse but Smith has all the momentum.

Best Supporting Actor: Troy Kotsur

Again, Kotsur has been winning in other Award shows for this role. Kodi Smit-McPhee has some people questing whether he might upset in this category but I'll stick with the person people have continually awarding so far.

Animated Feature: Encanto

Flee and The Mitchells vs The Machines have been given as possible contenders in this category but based on the way this category has been playing out over the past decade, it's usually given to the Animated film with the bigger box office and general appeal.

Best Documentary Feature: Summer of Soul

Musical Documentaries seem to win a lot in this category so I'll stick with that trend.

Original Score: Dune

The consensus seems to be that Dune will be the winner here with its strange sounds so I'll go with that.

Costume Design: Cruella

Say what you will about the film, it was a movie about outlandish fashion and it delivered there so it will likely win here.

More Competitive Categories

Best International Film: Drive My Car

Usually, a movie in this category is a lock to win if it also gets nominated for Best Picture but there has been occasion where that didn't happen. What makes it tricky is that another movie in this category (The Worst Person in the World) also managed to branch out of here and get a nomination in a Screenplay category. It's been getting more word of mouth so the potential is there for an upset but I'm going to stick with Drive My Car which obviously had enough appeal to get nominated for Best Picture and a Screenplay Award.

Original Song: Dos Oroguitas

This is another two horse race between this song from Encanto and No Time to Die from... No Time To Die. On the one hand, this isn't the Bruno song which some feel would have made this a walk if it had been nominated but it still plays at a heartfelt moment in the movie and Encanto's songs clearly have had an impact in pop culture the past couple months. On the other hand, the last two Bond Movies also won the Oscar for their theme song and this song actually won a Grammy last year when the movie was supposed to have first premiered. I hate to bet against Bond but I'll stick with Encanto which also got nominated for Score.

Best Supporting Actress: Ariana DeBose

Best Actress: Jessica Chastain

Makeup and Hairstyling: The Eyes of Tammy Faye

Visual Effects: Dune

Production Design: Dune

Visual Effects: Dune

Best Sound: Dune

This Year's Dreaded Six is actually a Dreaded Seven:

Best Animated Short: Robin Robin

Best Live Action Short: The Long Goodbye

Best Documentary Short: The Queen of Basketball

Best Film Editing: Dune

Best Adapted Screenplay: CODA

Best Original Screenplay: Belfast

Best Picture: CODA

Well I'd say this year's Oscars certainly... Slapped.


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