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What will Nintendo release in 2022?

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--- Quote from: Evan_B on January 21, 2022, 12:50:31 AM ---This is the second time I’ve heard someone speculate that the Bayonetta in the Bayonetta 3 trailer is not Bayonetta. I mean, I’m sure that Platinum could make this happen with their crack team of expert writers, but I cannot fathom how anyone could come to this conclusion based on a reveal trailer. Care to enlighten me?

--- End quote ---
I take no credit for the fan theory. I’m not for or against it nor particularly attached to it, but if we’re just futzing around in a predications thread, this one isn’t that far-fetched.

* 2017 teaser showed Bayonetta with her original design seemingly getting bisected.
* Bayonetta’s design in the 2021 trailer takes inspiration from Cereza in Bayonetta 1: round glasses, pigtails with red ribbons (see pic below).
* Bayonetta’s shadow is different. Either Madama Butterfly got redesigned or that isn’t Madama Butterfly.
* New voice actress. Hellena Taylor has voiced Bayonetta in every other appearance including Bayonetta: Bloody Fate (the movie), Anarchy Reigns, and Super Smash Bros.That’s what I remember. I think there are other things, but I’ll leave that to you to look up if you’re interested. It’s a little weird to recast now when Taylor has given no indication that she didn’t want to portray the character anymore. Recasting happens all the time for a variety of reasons. However, in voiceover roles, casting different actors is often used to distinguish between different characters that should have the same/similar voice such as twins or alternate versions of a character.

With the announcement of a new Direct tomorrow, the window for submitting predictions is closing fast!

As of this post you have roughly 31 hours left to post 1 to 10 wild predictions, before the crushing specter of reality will dash our hopes and dreams.

Here's my predictions purely for the first half of 2022 aka the Nintendo Direct for feb 2022

1) F-Zero
2) Kirby 99 style game
3) Mario Odyssey 2
4) Zelda 2 remake
5) Content updates to Mario Kart Live, Pokemon Arceus
6) More weird cloud ports of games too intense for Switches hardware.
7) BOTW 2 release date
8) Kirby Game and Watch

I'm going to predict that we'll see a remake of the second set of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games this year. The Pokémon Company is blatantly milking nostalgia from that era of the series and those games did get some references in BDSP as well.

Oh and BOTW2 will be delayed to 2023

Mop it up:
I almost didn't make it in, so time to rush through some predictions and post them when I can! I think I'll recycle some from last time which may have a higher chance happening this year.

-The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 will release this year! Probably in November. "Oh, so you're spouting that nonsense again."

-Some sort of new Fire Emblem game will be announced this year, but may not be for release this year. "Yeah and it'll probably still be for you filthy casuals."

-Possibly in celebration of its 30th anniversary, some sort of new Mario Kart release will be announced. "This is at least the 30th time you've said something stupid."

-Super Mario Odyssey 2 baybee it's still gonna happen you'll see! "Do you enjoy embarrassing yourself?"

-We'll finally see footage of Metroid Prime 4 but still no release window, or maybe a vague 2023. "A vaguely sane prediction."

-Some sort of new game as an NSO exclusive (like Tetris and Pac-Man 99), possibly needing the expansion to play. "Your mind needs expansion."

-Crazy guess: something Star Fox-related will be announced. "Cocky little freak."

-Monolith Soft will announced a new game. Probably Xenoblade, but may not be called "Xenoblade Chronicles 3."

-Another HD port of a Wii game, no guesses as to what it could be though. "Wii Port"

-No new Switch models or a successor will be released nor announced this year. "A shortage of brains too it seems."

-Call of Duty finally comes to Switch in some form or another. "Heh heh, heh heh, you said doody, heh heh."

-At least one more port of a Wii U game, could even be the Xenoblade game mentioned earlier with Xenoblade X. "X is such a cool letter."

-At least one more apology for Joy-Con drift. "Your mind is clearing drifting."

-Game Boy added to NSO expansion at the end of the year, no GBC functionality. "I'm colorblind anyway."

-Microsoft finds a way to buy Nintendo, probably for $100 billion. USD, so whatever that is in yen. "You heard it here first folks!"

-Mop it up wins the award for "lamest poster ever" on the NWR forums. "Finally an accurate prediction."


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