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Mafia 87: Harvest Moon - Seasons of Mafia Town. Year 5.

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On voting record most of us don't look great.
- ThePerm has more misses than hits
- mine has yesterday's collossal failure and my Crimm vote was mostly self-defence & following Bshy.
- Luigi Dude has no record at all
- Wah has just one vote and even that one feels fishy


Being a townie who hasn't played for awhile. I thought my best bet of survival is to stay low.

It's worked so far. But I have no idea who the **** to vote for. Isan was a meme vote haga.

**** it. Un-Vote Insanolord

Ok since nobody is voting I'll do it as promised. Insanolord is the only player who addressed some of my concerns, and the other suspects remained either quiet or gave reasons which don't really indicate a desire to help out the team.

Vote Wah

Guess I'll vote isan to protect my ass?
Vote Isanolord


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