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Mafia XXXI: Day 8

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Dang, Pale did a lot of damage in this game. For right now, I'm going to vote for Insanolord.

May I ask why you're voting for Insanolord instead of Nickmitch?  You've been gunning for Nickmitch the entire game.  Why the sudden switch?

****.  I just crunched the numbers and the townies are fucked.  There are 7 players alive right now--3 Coons, 1 Fox, and 3 Townies.  If we vote out a Fox tonight the townies lose the game (tie goes to the mafia).  I didn't anticipate two Fox deaths yesterday, so I hadn't planned for this scenario.

I still believe that Dasmos is the last remaining Fox player, but if we can't vote him out.

Our only hope of winning the game is to A) vote out a Coon today and B) hope Dasmos targets a Coon tonight.

That would make it so there are 2 mafia members (one on each team) and 3 townies left tomorrow.  We try for the last Coon tomorrow, he won't be able to make a hit that night, and then target Dasmos on Day 10.

Does this make sense?  Did I forget anything?  If so, please alert me at once!

My thinking here is that we need to vote with Dasmos and vote Insanolord.  This is going to be our best shot at targeting a Coon.


Works for me.  vote insanolord

The only wild card is the apprentice.

You still think I'm mafia? And a part of the foxes to boot! I voted out DrewMG for god's sake.


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