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Mafia XXXI: Day 8

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--- Quote from: Dasmos on February 25, 2009, 08:46:49 PM ---You still think I'm mafia? And a part of the foxes to boot! I voted out DrewMG for god's sake.

--- End quote ---

So did Pale.  Killing one's own is the oldest trick in the book!

Dasmos, your implication that I only voted for Pale to make it seem like I wasn't a Mafia member only works if I'm the last Fox, and if you're truly a townie you wouldn't want me to die if that were true because you'd die along with me.

Any townies voting for me are going to regret it in the morning. I'm going to VOTE FLEECE just to make it close, but I fear nothing is going to save me.

Dum de dum. Oh, what's going on here? A vote? Interesting.

Well, Insanolord has been hung out to dry.

Insanolord - 4
TheFleece - 1

Send in those night actions, people.


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