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Author Topic: We Love Golf  (Read 4492 times)

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We Love Golf
« on: August 24, 2008, 04:10:04 PM »
Platform: Wii | Publisher: Capcom Developer: Camelot
|Player(s) 1 – 4 |1- 2 Online | Online enabled – US & PAL yes   JPN - No

We Love Golf is the newest golf game entry from Camelot, any person that has played any other Camelot sports game will feel at home here.  When swinging the golf club you get the standard meter that judges how powerful your shot is, the twist is instead of it being handled by timed button presses, it is judged on how far you move the Wii remote back when your satisfied with the power the simply swing the remote forward. To adjust your shot just point your Wii remote at your TV and drag to where you want to aim for, if you want a bird’s eye view of the whole course simply point the Wii remote up in the air. If you don’t like using the pointer to adjust your shot you can use the d-pad. To switch clubs you press the plus and minus buttons. To swing just point the Wii remote down at the ground twist the remote if you want to add a little curve to your shot. To do practice shots you hold down B and to do a real shot you hold down A, if you want some top spin hold down the 1 button the 2 button adds some back swing.  If you are ever stuck with the simple controls there is a guide in the form of a talking and interactive Wii remote.

Presentation wise the game looks very similar to Hot Shots Golf. The graphics are upbeat and colorful; the golfers themselves look a little generic and sport happy and bubbly personality. To liven up the generic looking golfers there are Capcom costumes you can unlock for them. You can also unlock the use of Miis; the only Miis that are selectable are the ones that you listed as your favorites in the Mii Channel.  The game supports widescreen and 16:9 however there are black borders on all 4 sides. The only problem I had with the visuals are that the HUD at times is very cluttered.

Gameplay wise the game is suited more as a multiplayer game than a single player mode. The tournaments in the game are your standard 18 hole tournaments, at the beginning the tournaments are laughably easy and they gradually ramp up in difficulty as a whole all of the tournaments are easy in general. There are also golf mini games you can play either by yourself or with multiple players. Multiplayer wise the game is packed to the brim with modes ranging from traditional golf modes, to mini games and finally the online mode.

The online mode is separated to two rules beginner and master rules they are pretty much the same except you get more help in the beginner modes, you can play random people or people on your friends list via friend codes.  How online matchmaking is pretty standard with random opponents, if you want to play a game with your friend you either create a room with all the options you want, rules, course and so forth or you just join a friend that is waiting in a room for a match. There is sort of an achievement system in the online mode, you have 50 empty badges whenever you win a match against somebody online one of those badges fills up with their level on the badge and a portrait of what character/Mii they used.   

+ Online mode and extra Capcom character costumes added in the US and PAL versions
+ Excellent Wii remote use.
+ A lot of modes to play through.
+ Good Multiplayer game.
+ A talking and interactive Wii remote!!
+ Good online mode with a badge system that records your wins.

- Easy and rather shallow for a single player game.
- Voiceovers are something to be desired.
-  Unlocking the majority of things is a long process.
- The online cheers and jeers system will annoy people.

Score breakdown:

Graphics - C

We Love golf sports pleasant, bright and colorful graphics, everything looks clean but not particularly amazing in any way. The golfers are generic but the unlockable Capcom character costumes can liven up the golfers appearances. At times the HUD is cluttered.

Sound - C

The soundtrack is appropriate for a golf game and has a lot of upbeat music, voiceovers range from okay to bad.

Controls: A

Controls are easy to get into and you won’t be frustrated with them at all, Camelot injected motion controls into their existing system they used for Mario Golf with excellent results. Point the Wii remote up to have a bird’s eye view of the course and adjust your shot with either the pointer or the d-pad.

Gameplay: B

If you played any other Camelot golf game you will be at home here it uses the same meter to judge how powerful your shots are, instead of timing via button presses it is handled by the distance you pull the Wii remote back.

Lasting Factor: B

The tournaments are lengthy and there are a lot of different additional modes such as golf mini games, the online mode is good and fairly robust. This game excels as a multiplayer game but it’s rather a bit boring as a single player game.

Final Score B

Bottom Line: It may not have the 1:1 golfing system some games are trying to pull off but the existing Mario Golf system is still satisfying with motion controls. The game has a lot of depth and a lot of modes to come back to. If your looking for a single player game only then this will fall short once you beat the tournaments. Online play and the other bonuses for the US and PAL versions are a big plus.
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Re: We Love Golf
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2008, 06:46:09 AM »
Nice review, it sounds like the motion control they implemented is logical and much more consistent than what you find in Wii Sports Golf. I eventually abandoned that minigame because I could never get a consistent result from my short game swings and time on the green was excruciating.

I will probably check this one out on a price drop because I still have Mario Golf for the Cube largely unplayed.
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Re: We Love Golf
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2008, 11:19:42 AM »
Ditto what Nick said
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Re: We Love Golf
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2008, 12:44:01 AM »
Greg embarrassed me in this game.
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