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Nintendo Gaming / How would you rank the five calendar years of Switch?
« on: February 17, 2022, 11:27:30 AM »
I'm not sure how to represent that question as a poll so I just turned that into voting for the best year, but how would you rank all five years in order? What are some highlights from each year?

Nintendo Gaming / Which Mario & Luigi game do you like the most?
« on: October 07, 2019, 05:52:49 PM »
Seeing as how the series is now likely retired, it's a good time to poll for a fave. And if the series does return at some point it will probably be from a different developer anyway. People also started talking about the games in the Talkback thread for the news of the bankruptcy, so I figured I'd start a place for anyone to discuss the series in general.

Nintendo Gaming / Anyone here try Paladins?
« on: August 06, 2018, 07:32:43 PM »
It's gone free-to-play on Switch now. I've been playing it with a couple of friends, it's pretty fun! It's probably the closest thing the Switch will get to Overwatch...

NWR Forums Discord / THE MOP is officially no more.
« on: May 26, 2016, 04:14:02 PM »
Clean your own darn floors.

Hey everyone, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and start hurlin' insults and blowin' fools up! Don't forget that this time around, there's a twist in how things are done! This game uses phrases in place of words. When you choose a phrase, you also now choose a player on which you want to target with the phrase. If the phrase you chose is safe, then the player you chose is safe. If the phrase you chose is the bomb, then the player you chose blows up! Each player can be chosen only once per round, so everyone will still be in danger each round. You cannot choose yourself. If you are the one who has chosen which phrase is armed as the bomb phrase for a round, you are not allowed to tell other players which one you chose. I'm watching you! I'll know!

Here is an example of how a round works: the selections are all phrases, and each one has a blank space in it. You will then choose one phrase, and then choose one player and insert their name into the blank. As an example, let's say a phrase you want to choose is "_______ is a big meanie head" and the player you want to target is Mop it up. You would simply post:

"Mop it up is a big meanie head."

If this phrase is safe, then it would be Mop it up who is safe. If this phrase is the bomb, then Mop it up explodes! So, the idea is actually to try to choose which phrase is the bomb this time, so that you can explode the player you've chosen.

The phrases are all quotes from forum posts of various NWR members, slightly modified to have a blank for a name to be inserted. Since they're all about NWR, then you know what that means...

Hm, if this theme is NWR, and with this twist of actually targeting other members and trying to blow them up with bombs, I guess this may play out a bit more like a Mafia game instead. Perhaps I should just instead have everyone vote for a player, and then whoever gets the most votes is out. Hm, but then I would also have to write a story and that would be tricky. Speaking of which, we haven't done a Mafia game in a long time, are those officially dead? They were fun while they lasted, but the last few times haven't had much participation so it might be time to just retire them. I should probably be spending more time playing actual Nintendo games anyway instead of forum games, I've still got plenty more Super Mario Maker to play. Oh hey, why don't we share our levels in here? Not like anything else is going on.

...Oh whoops, I think I fell into another problem of NWR:

Ahem. Well, we better get started before we all get distracted again. Hm, distracted, that's a funny word. Does anyone ever get tracted? I'm focused! I'm focused! Let us begin.

Phrases left:
1. "_______ is too reasonable for this forum."
2. "_______ is kind of a snarky bastard."
3. "Nintendo no smart like _______ am."
4. "I feel like _______ doesn't really have anything substantial to say."
5. "Lettuce Cat is so last week. Mock me for being behind the times. is so last week. Mock _______ for being behind the times."
6. "Nintendo has seen fit to pander to the increasingly senile _______ & his motion control obsession"
7. "It's a shame that _______ doesn't consider the site worth supporting at all"
8. "_______ is just interested in how things make them feel, not hard facts and reality."
9. "Remove the _______ parasite from the world."
10. "_______ is a pedobear cosplayer."

Players left


1 players remain

Hello all, it's time to get started with the next and ninth Safe Words game, hosted by me, the amiable Mop it up!

This time around, I'm adding a little twist to the basic premise: When you choose a word, you also now choose a player on which you want to target with the word. If the word you chose is safe, then the player you chose is safe. If the word you chose is the bomb, then the player you chose blows up! Each player can be chosen only once per round, so everyone will still be in danger each round. You cannot choose yourself. If you are the one who has chosen which word is armed as the bomb word for a round, you are not allowed to tell other players which one you chose. I'm watching you! I'll know!

As the quote thing seemed to work fine in the last game, I thought it might be funny to have the words be quotes from NWR members. For example, Ian Sane's famous "I'm kind of a snarky bastard" seems like a good one. I was even thinking about making it so you insert the name of the player you wish to target into the quote, so in this instance it would be for example someone would choose "Mop it up is kind of a snarky bastard" if they wanted to target me. I don't think anyone would be so mean as to do that to me, but you know, just an example. I can't decide if this is a good idea or not. Thoughts, anyone?

Sign-ups will run for one week, though depending on player turnout I might extend it a few days to draw in more players.

Player list so far:

10 players total

Nintendo Gaming / The Legend of Zelda: TriForce Heroes
« on: October 15, 2015, 06:02:44 PM »
A new Zelda game is about to release, and we don't even have a thread for it yet?!

Since there will probably be some discussion about this game once the test fire starts, I figured I'd create a thread for it to take place.

I've also got some extra demo codes, if anyone wants one.

Hi and welcome to the fourth Safe Words game, hosted by me! In this game, Bowser is up to his old tricks again... or maybe it's a new trick this time, as he's hidden a bomb amongst his followers that's set to explode when Mario and Luigi attack! Can you avoid the dangerous enemies and rescue the princess once and for... that day?

Also, don't forgot that you have one Safe Guess! Read the rule for it here.

The word list for this game:

Koopa Troopa
Shy Guy
Chargin' Chuck
Torpedo Ted

Boom Boom

The player list:


Triforce Hermit

1 player survived.

A little bonus to the winner has also been supplied by Triforce Hermit! The winner of this game may choose one of the following:
$3 Xbox Live credit
$3 PSN credit
Far Cry 3 game code for PC (requires Uplay client)

NWR Forums Discord / Safe Words 4 signups thread, signups closed
« on: April 28, 2015, 07:13:53 PM »
Hi! Welcome to Safe Words 4, this time ran by a new hostess, me! Wait, come back! I can handle this just as well as Khushrenada can! Or close enough...

This game will use the same rules as before, however there will be one added twist! The basic rules are that players will take turns choosing one word from a list of words, trying to avoid picking the one bomb word that will eliminate them if chosen. The list has the same number of words as there are remaining players, ensuring someone will be eliminated each round. When a safe word is chosen, it is removed from the list, thereby increasing the odds of the next players to find the bomb. The turn order will go down the randomly-sorted player list, and then start back at the top once reaching the bottom. When the bomb is chosen by a player, a new bomb word is chosen and the list of words is reset, with whatever word the bomb word was being permanently removed. The player who chooses last in a round will also be the one who gets to decide which word is the bomb word.

In case any players happen to disappear during the game, I'm going to use a rule that a player must make a selection within three days, or else the player will be automatically eliminated. So far, no players have taken this long to choose a word, therefore no active players should be eliminated this way.

New element: Safe Guess
New to this game, each player has one safe guess that they are allowed to use any one turn they wish. Using a safe guess will allow you to safely survive your turn, even if you choose the bomb word. When you use a safe guess, you must announce you are using it when you go to choose a word, by adding "safe guess" anywhere in your post. You still choose a word when you use your safe guess, so that the word can be removed from play if it isn't the bomb. Alternatively, if you're the last player in the turn order, and no one picks the bomb word when it comes back around to you as your only choice, you will automatically use your safe guess to survive.

Will you use your safe guess as a safety net or try to hold onto it until the final rounds? Think wisely, as you get only one!

The theme for this game is of course Super Mario, with the safe words being Mario enemies. The basic story behind it will be that the "bomb" word will be a superpowered enemy, so instead of defeating it, it will defeat the player.

Signup list so far: 13
Triforce Hermit

Nintendo Gaming / 2014 poll: Do you have a Wii U?
« on: March 13, 2014, 06:51:46 PM »
Now that's it's had two holidays, a few more big game releases, a price drop, and a few goodies around the corner, how many people here own a Wii U? I'm curious to find out. Sometimes it feels like no one does, but other times it seems everyone does, weird as that sounds.

It's a bit of a bummer that two big games are going to release on the same day...

NOTE: Each person has two votes, and the idea is to pick one option for the PS4 and one for the Xbox One.

Since we now have a decent idea of how these two systems will be launching and what many of the first-year games will be, I think it's time for a little poll before they are released to see what the general consensus is here for them, and to officially track who predicted what in terms of how well these systems will be received. It's preferable to post in the thread which two options you chose, and the thread can also be used to predict actual numbers and other such talk.

Nintendo Gaming / Just a reminder, WiiConnect24 shuts down June 27th.
« on: June 17, 2013, 06:22:55 PM »
I'm not sure how many people here will care, but I figured I'd mention this anyway. On June 27th, the WiiConnect24 service will go offline. After this date, the only thing that will remain is actual online play; all channels and game features that used this service will no longer be usable.

The following is a list of channels that will no longer function after the shutdown:

News Channel
Forecast Channel
Nintendo Channel
Check Mii Out Channel
Everybody Votes Channel
Mario Kart Channel
Wii Message Board

The following channels will have reduced functionality:

Mii Channel - No longer able to send and receive Miis.
Wii Shop Channel - No longer able to send out gifts.

The following are the games I can think of that will lose the listed features:

Animal Crossing City Folk - No longer able to send mail to other towns.
Boom Blox - No longer able to send and receive created puzzles.
ExciteBike: World Rally - No longer able to send and receive custom tracks.
ExciteBots: Trick Racing - No longer able to send and receive replays.
Mario Kart Wii - No longer able to send and receive ghosts, view leaderboards, or play tournaments.
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - No longer able to send and receive friend vouchers.
Metroid Prime Trilogy - No longer able to send and receive friend vouchers.
Super Smash Brothers Brawl - No longer able to send and receive pictures, replays, and stages.
Wii Music - No longer able to send and receive created music

Nintendo Gaming / Who is buying a Wii U at launch?
« on: November 14, 2012, 08:22:07 PM »
I was just curious of the percentage of people here who will be buying one on day one.


This is a long shot, but maybe someone here knows how to fix this. A while back I had to use homebrew to transfer all of my Wii game data to a new Wii, including the files that cannot normally be copied. Recently, I've run into two games that won't connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi connection, and I'm assuming it has something to do with being a copied save. The two games are ExciteBots and ExciteBike World Rally.

Whenever I try to go online with these games, I instantly get error code 60000 every time. I don't think the issue is anything Nintendo suggests on their help page, as if I create a new profile, the game connects without issue. I've looked around to see if anyone else has had this problem, and I find that people most commonly run into this with copying Animal Crossing City Folk files(I haven't played this game since switching systems, but I'd bet I'd get the same error code if I did). But no one ever offered these people a solution beyond starting a new save, which is missing the point of copying files to begin with.

Does anyone happen to know a fix for this? One thing these games have in common, and that the online games which do work don't have, is that they also use the Wii address book. So I'm wondering if the reason they don't work is because they're tied to my old system's Wii number, and since it's no longer the same number, it creates a conflict and disconnects. My guess is that if there were a way to delete my game's friend code and get a new friend code for the game, it would solve the issue. But I really have no idea, and am just hoping that I don't have to start over!

Any advice would be much appreciated.

General Gaming / PlayStation 2 Game Recommendations
« on: January 28, 2012, 04:41:07 PM »

As PS2s have now gotten dirt cheap, I decided to buy one for the handful of games I heard about that interested me. Here are the games I have so far:

Dragon Quest VIII
Final Fantasy XII
Quake III
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

What are your favourite PlayStation 2 games? I mostly got it for RPGs since those seem to be lacking on Nintendo systems, but I'm open to most genres, with the only two I consistently don't like being fighters and simulation sports. I'm also more interested in games that aren't also on GameCube or Wii, though multiplatform suggestions are still welcome, I'd just get them on GameCube/Wii (or might already have them).

I checked back ten pages and didn't see a PlayStation 2 topic, but if I missed one, this can be merged with it.

Nintendo Gaming / How do you clean your 3DS?
« on: November 10, 2011, 09:41:29 PM »

I've had my 3DS for a few months now and so it's starting to show a few smudges in places.  Since I've never cleaned it before, I was wondering what other people use to clean their systems, hoping to get an idea of what I should do.

I've got the usual smudge lines that appear on the sides of the top screen from being closed, as well as some circles near the face buttons. Typically, what I use to clean a controller is some surgical spirit on a toothbrush or soft tissue, but this thing has a lot more components than a controller (and is a lot more expensive) so I'm not yet sure if it is safe to use on this. What kinds of things do you folks use?

Nintendo Gaming / Fortune Street
« on: June 08, 2011, 03:50:22 AM »
It's Mario Party 10! No? More like Mario Party Monopoly, it would seem. It seems a bit strange to release this game close to Mario Party 9, but oh well, it looks fun. It's being developed by Square Enix and appears to be a part of their Itadaki Street games for the DS that were Japan-only.

I haven't come across a trailer, just some screens that were uploaded here. I'll update the thread if I find anything.

Nintendo Gaming / Luigi's Mansion 2
« on: June 07, 2011, 04:58:56 PM »
This game actually makes me want a 3DS. I loved the GameCube game but it was so short, but with multiple mansions this one looks to bring a lot more content.

Nintendo Gaming / Mario Party 9
« on: June 07, 2011, 02:33:11 PM »
Looks like a new Mario Party is coming to the Wii! I know not everyone is a fan of this series but I enjoy it and am glad there's another one coming. I'll update this post when more information is available, but for now, here is the trailer and some screens:

Hi. I'm looking to own a Wii game in every letter of the alphabet, so I'd like to hear some opinions on the best games that start with the following letters.

Looks like Ivy the Kiwi? is the only worthwhile choice here.

I might have to settle for Jeopardy! on this one...

As far as I can tell, the only Q game released is Quantum of Solace, although it's a James Bond game so it could be argued the title is 007: Quantum of Solace. In any case, is it worthwhile?

U is for Uh... I got nothing.

Now I'm really hoping XenoBlade gets released here... Is there even anything else?

Because I want one.

I hear Zack and Wiki is good. Anything else to consider?

NWR Mafia Games / Mafia XLIX: Mafia Party II, Winner's Circle
« on: April 04, 2011, 12:38:44 AM »
"This is it! This is it!" Tumble yells excitedly. "When it all counts! Who will come up on top? Who will be the Superstar of the Mushroom kingdom?"

The game up is Twisted Systems, where the contestants must hop along twisting platforms to reach the goal on the other end. But it isn't so easy, as Bullet Bills are flying every which way.

Waluigi is out ahead, nimbly jumping from each platform, which is a breeze with his freakishly long legs. He rests on one platform for a bit and waits to turn toward the next, then just barely dodges a bullet as he leaps to it. It looks like he can't be caught... but those behind him vault ahead and surround his platform. One of them reaches down below, and pulls a screw form the platform, which causes it to plummet down to the ground, taking Waluigi with it.

*Cheater!" Waluigi yells. Waluigi, AKA Stratos the townie, was voted out!

After all the contestants meet at the podium, Tumble begins to congratulate those still alive. As he is doing so, a faint sound of music can be heard in the distance, growing louder every second. It soon sounds like it's in the room, and in a flash, an unidentified figure runs through, flashing colours of every kind, and plows through one of the contestants, then continues running, the music growing faint as he disappears. The contestant was Apdude, who was utterly destroyed by one of Bowser's goons!

With only three contestants remaining, Bowser's goons realize there is no longer a reason to conceal themselves. They group together and approach the last few, pretending to congratulate them for lasting this long. In a flash, each member makes their move all at once. Shy Guy stares Stevey in the face, then peels back his mask, revealing his true form, and Stevey is scared to death. Calculon quickly jumps behind Toruresu and wraps his arm around his head, then snaps his neck and lets him slump to the floor. Yoshi sticks out his tongue and wraps it around UncleBob, then quickly pulls it toward him and swallows him whole.

The three goons rest on the floor, and clink glasses of champagne together. Yoshi just got off the phone with Bowser, informing him of their victory, then rubs his belly. A few minutes pass, then Bowser comes stomping through the door. He looks around and is greeted by his cronies and no one else, and is stricken by utter disbelief. After realizing that his plan succeeded without a hitch, he lets out a loud roar, which slowly turns into a hearty laugh.

*Those fools will think twice before they mess with Bowser again! I'm the greatest Superstar in the universe!" He turns to look at his subjects. "And don't you forget it!"


Stratos was voted out, he was a townie.
Apdude was hit, he was a townie.

Stratos: 4
Toruresu: 1

This puts the standings at 3 Mafia and 3 townies, therefore the Mafia win Mafia XLIX!

Congratulations to our superstars!
Thatguy, AKA Yoshi the overly hungry dinosaur
ShyGuy, the, uh, Shy Guy.
Insanolord, who somehow got away with... Calculon?

NWR Mafia Games / Mafia XLIX: Mafia Party II, Turn 5, Toy Dream
« on: April 01, 2011, 12:53:25 AM »
As the party rages on, the competition grows more fierce as the numbers dwindle, and more dangerous as Bowser's goons reduce the numbers of the innocent.

The next game up? Dogfight! Mario and company climbs into tiny Bullet Bill-firing aircraft and take to the skies, battling it out.

"Ooh, I should be good at this game!" Tatanga said with glee. "I'm always piloting a spaceship!"

Once everyone is airborne and the signal is given, Tatanga begins his assault starting with Yoshi. He quickly zooms behind the green dinosaur and unleashes a steady stream of Bullet Bills targeting him. Hearing the shots fired, Yoshi dodges nimbly around every shot, and maneuvers behind a cloud with incredible quickness, disappearing from sight. Frustrated but not deterred, Tatanga acquires a new target in Waluigi. This time, he hangs back and uses the lock-on, charging up a Bullet Bill. Once powered up, he launches it at Waluigi, and it hits his aircraft with incredible force. But it wasn't enough to swat him out of the sky!

"Grr, this ship is useless!" Tatanga yelled. "If I had my spaceship, these fools would be fried chumps by now!"

He began pounding his control panel with his fists out of anger, which causes the ship to twist and turn. Once he cools down and the ship stabilizes, he spots Toruresu hiding in a nearby cloud, with his back to Tatanga. A smirk forms on his face, then he slowly approaches Toruresu while charging up a Bullet Bill. Once powered up, he lets it loose, and it charges at Toruresu with impressive velocity. Suddenly, the missile takes a sharp turn, and speeds back toward Tatanga, who isn't paying attention due to laughing maniacally. When he finally notices the rocket screaming toward him, it's too late to react. The bullet smacks into Tatanga's ship and causes it to crash down to earth. Tatanga, AKA jrlibrarian the townie, lost the game.

Meanwhile, during all of the action, Bowser's goons were putting their concentrated efforts on taking out yet another of Mario's friends. But something strange was occurring, something unexpected. Their attempts were futile, as it appeared some unknown force was protecting this person, and they survived.


jrlibrarian was voted out, he was a townie.

Vote count:
jrlibrarian: 3
Toruresu: 2
Stratos: 1

Thread closes at midnight EST (GMT -5:00) on Sunday, actions due in by 12:30AM EST.

Another round of games was coming to a close, with the loser of this next match being taken out of the competition.

Mario and the gang were in the middle of a kart race, each one aggressively vying to stay out of the last place. As Optimus Prime drifted around the last corner and sped toward the finish, it looked like he was going to cross before Waluigi had a chance to pass him. Suddenly, rocks rolled down the hill and onto the track, covering up Optimus Prime and burying him. Optimus Prime, AKA the Mafia goon, was buried in a landslide.

After Waluigi crosses the finish line with ease, the winners are congratulated, and the gang heads over to the refreshment table for drinks and cake. Nickmitch reaches for the last piece of chocolate cake, but it is quickly grabbed by Yoshi.

"Hey, I wanted that!" Nickmitch yelled at the green dino.

Yoshi responded by gulping the cake down. Nickmicth was flustered, but he overheard someone mention that they had just finished baking up another chocolate cake. He couldn't wait to have some, and fresh from the oven cake was just the best, so he left the group and moseyed into the kitchen. When he walked through the doors, no one was around, but a big chocolate cake sat on a table in the center of the room. He licked his lipped, then hurried over to the cake, picked some up with his hand, and chomped it down. As he was gorging himself, an unseen figure rushed up to him and pushed him, causing him to stumble backwards and fall into the open oven behind him. Before he could react, the oven door was slammed shut.

A little while later, Peach came into the kitchen to grab the cake, and smelled something delicious coming from the oven. She opened it up to discover Nickmitch's baked corpse, and screamed at the top of her lungs.

Mario came running in to see what was the matter. "Mama mia! Nickmitch the townie has been baked! Clearly this is the work of one of Bowser's goons! But why does he smell so good?"


Bustin88 was voted out, he was a Mafia goon
Nickmitch was hit by the Mafia, he was a townie

Vote count:
Bustin88: 8
Stratos: 1

NWR Mafia Games / Mafia XLIX: Mafia Party II, Turn 3, Chilly Waters
« on: March 30, 2011, 01:22:39 AM »
Things are really starting to heat up now, as the party goes into full swing. The group are currently in the middle of their next game, Snowball Rollers, where they are trying to knock each other off the summit with snowballs. This match really counts, as the loser is out of the competition for good.

After the count down, Yoshi furiously builds a snowball. After increasing it to a satisfied size, he pushes it toward Mario, who is building one of his own. Hearing the snowball rolling towards him, Mario instinctively jumps, just in time to clear the snowball. When he lands, he quickly pushes his own snowball back at Yoshi, who grabs it with his tongue and gulps it down. As he pats his belly, he hears a cackling, and turns to look in the sound's direction to see a snowball speeding at him. Quick on his feet, he dodges the snowball just before impact. "Cheater!" Waluigi exclaims, stomping his foot.

Little did anyone realize, Tatanga was quietly building a huge snowball near the edge of the summit, ignored by All of Mario and company. Once satisfied with its size, he aimed the snowball at an unsuspecting contestant, Optimus Prime, powered up his thrusters, and gave it a big push. It rolled across the summit, growing ever larger, and rocketed toward the robot. Just before it reached him, Luigi jumped to dodge a snowball, which landed him in the path of the big snowball, and he became encased in it. It kept speeding and plowed through Optimus Prime, and knocked both of them off the ledge.

"That's game!" Tumble said. "It looks like we have a tie! But I know how to settle it." Everyone peered over the edge to see the two lying dazed in a big splat of snow. Tumble picked three numbers for each person, then folded his limbs inside himself, making himself a full six-sided die, then rolled down the summit. It landed on a six, a number assigned to Luigi. Tumble then popped his limbs back out and declared that Luigi, AKA Maxi the townie, has lost the round (AKA voted).

Hearing this news, Luigi grew mad, madder than ever before. His face turned redder than a boiling lobster, steam spouted from his ears, then in a puff of smoke, he transformed into a Bob-omb. He rushed at Vudu with blindly speed, screaming furiously about how his snowball caused him to jump into the big one, thereby causing his loss. Before Vudu could react, the Bob-omb exploded on him, leaving nothing but a smoking crater behind. Vudu the townie was exploded by Maxi's Bob-omb.

Bowser's disguised cronies watch the insanity with their mouths dropped, and are so bewildered that they forgot to make a move.

Maxi lost the vote tie and was voted out, he was a townie.
Vudu was exploded by Maxi's bomb from being the first to vote him, he was a townie.

Vote Count
Maxi: 4
Bustin88: 4
Insanolord: 1
Stevey: 1

Thread closes at midnight EST (GMT -5:00), actions due in by 12:30AM EST.

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