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Title: Any video producers in the house, thoughts on Stock footage?
Post by: marvel_moviefan_2012 on March 15, 2015, 08:06:40 PM
I am working on a new music video for my latest CD. I decided to look into buying some stock footage to spice it up a little. I was curious if there are any video producers around here who have any experience using stock footage and what are your thoughts. According to the license agreement I can use any number of clips but the derivative work can't be more than 50-60% of their footage. I don't really want to even use that much stock footage to be honest. Since I am paying for it I would like to get as much for my money as I can. I also don't want my projects to be made up largely of stock footage.

So my questions are, who here has used stock footage? Where do you get yours from? What are your views on when, and how much to use?