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This Week in Releases: October 6, 2013
« on: October 06, 2013, 06:27:45 PM »

Put on your red shoes and dance the blues. Also some niche 3DS game and a new handheld.

If the high of last week's Wind Waker HD release got you all worked up, you may want to sit down. You sitting? Now stand up again because it is time to dance! Exited yet? Plus, the little handheld that could gets a funny looking brother and a new game to go along with it.

Wii U

Just Dance 2014 - $49.99, October 8

Just Dance 2014 is set to offer its signature waggle gameplay. Featuring tracks from many of today's popular "artists", you can dance until you sit down and just move your arms to play the game. Besides dancing for fun, you can also dance to exercise in Sweat Mode, or dance with other people online, a first for the franchise. Exclusive to the Wii U is Party Master Mode, where one player controls the game with the GamePad while everyone else in the room follows whatever changes are made. If you are living alone in a small apartment, this is the game to get!


Just Dance 2014 - $39.99, October 8

Just like the Wii U, the Wii is also receiving this year's rendition of Just Dance. Expect it to be the same except for a lack of HD, a cheaper price, and no Party Master Mode.


Pokémon X and Pokémon Y - $39.99, October 12

The elephant in the room, or Phanpy, is the pro animal abuse RPG Pok√©mon. There has been plenty of coverage everywhere and there will only be more. Find a rock and hide under it, unless you like having fun. This entry has 3D environments and stereoscopic 3D battles. Get it while its hot!

Nintendo 2DS - $129.99, October 12

Nintendo's (former) main selling point for the system has been taken away, along with the clamshell design, and now we have the 2DS. It displays all 3DS games in 2D, it has the same battery as the original 3DS, but will probably sell a heck of a lot more units this year then the 3DS did in 2011. It is less expensive, and the games are still great. If you have yet to buy into Nintendo's current handheld, now is the time.


Anything sound interesting too you? Be sure to come back next week. 

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Re: This Week in Releases: October 6, 2013
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2013, 01:42:00 PM »
Speaking of releases, did you guys see that Luigi's Mansion is coming to Wii U I assume to top off the year of Luigi? You can even pre-order it at

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Re: This Week in Releases: October 6, 2013
« Reply #2 on: October 07, 2013, 02:26:11 PM »
I'm always for more Bowie in my Nintendo coverage.
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