Author Topic: Super Mario Party Now Supports Expanded Online Play After Surprise Update  (Read 13217 times)

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Someone arrived late to the party.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Super Mario Party has received update version 1.1.0. This new update allows for the Mario Party, Partner Party and Free Play modes to be played online with friends. The online play is restricted to having an Nintendo Switch Online subscription and excludes ten minigames from the total. These are: Strike It Rich, Time to Shine, Take a Stab, All-Star Swingers, Rhythm and Bruise, Pep Rally, Wiped Out, Fiddler on the Hoof, Clearing the Table, Baton and On.

You can play with friends online or you can create a private game with passwords where you can play with anyone from around the world. The new update also supports up to 2 players per system for the online modes. Additionally, if you haven't fully completed the game, you're in luck. In online mode you pick from any of the maps or characters in the game without needing to unlock them or your actual in-game progress.

The Super Mario Party 1.1.0 update is available for download now via the Nintendo Switch. Below you can find an overview trailer posted by the official Nintendo of Europe twitter account.

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That was unexpected. Even though it was a fun game, I stopped playing because there was a limited amount of stuff to do. Having new minigames is nice, but I'm disappointed that there are no new boards because the game only has 5 and it gets boring doing the same ones over and over. Heck, I would have even been ok with them just adding retro Mario Party boards

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And on the contrary, I just recently became addicted to Mario