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TalkBack / Re: Kirby and the Forgotten Land Launching Spring 2022
« Last post by Khushrenada on Yesterday at 01:09:51 PM »
Kirby was the only slam-dunk must buy game for me. It was expected after the leak but I'm always up for a new Kirby game. I was wondering if it might be in the same vein as Crystal Shards as some of the camera work in the trailer made it seem like it could be on that 2.5D plain as that game. Though maybe it will be more like Mario 3D Land/World. The boss battle they showed definitely seemed to be in a contained 3D space but some of the footage of the levels made me wonder if they were in a tight and linear 3D area.
General Chat / Re: Um, Apple thread
« Last post by miseb on Yesterday at 01:05:00 PM »
Do you have the type-c blocks?  I literally have none, except for one of those covert Switch docks.
TalkBack / Re: 8 Nintendo 64 Games We Need on Switch
« Last post by Khushrenada on Yesterday at 12:23:54 PM »
The eight games in written form:

Diddy Kong Racing
Perfect Dark
Super Smash Bros.
WaveRace 64
Pokemon Puzzle League
Ogre Battle 64
Buck Bumble
Pilotwings 64

Of that list, it is the latter half that would interest me if available on the N64 service. Games I've never played and are sort of deeper cuts.

However, if they want my money for the N64 expansion pack then all they have to do is put Mario Party 1, 2 and 3 on there (and add some online like all other multiplayer games) and I'm sold! Those are the top 3 N64 games I'd like to see. But I don't think that will happen for some time so as not to cut into Mario Party Superstars' sales.

If we are making wishlists for the N64 then here is my list of 8 games I'd like to see on the service which would likely get me to sign-up for it:

1. Mario Party 3
2. Mario Party 2
3. Mario Party 1
4. Harvest Moon 64
5. Mischief Makers
6. Space Station Silicon Valley
7. Beetle Adventure Racing
8. Tetrisphere

Of that list, I do own the first Mario Party but I've got it on there because I'd expect it to get online functionality added. If I'm making a list on games I don't own and would like to play that I might add Goemon Mystical Ninja to the list in place of it.
So, the rumor that Nintendo was adding N64 games turned out to be true. There were definitely a lot of signs of this happening but I was kind of doubtful since it seemed like it would be leading to Nintendo "devaluing" their games by having all these NES, SNES and now N64 games for the single online fee. But when they started off by talking about an expansion fee to the online services then it was clear to me that they would be adding N64 games and that was how they would still try to keep their value up.

But not all that convinced about upgrading my online service for them. Sin and Punishment is enticing. I had that on my Wii U wishlist for awhile because I missed a time it was on sale and was hoping to get it the next time it was slightly discounted but it never happened. So, I've still yet to play it.

Dr. Mario 64 is another game I've been interested in acquiring and have had plenty of opportunities to do so but have yet to be that motivated to do so. Never heard of Winback before. It's the games I don't own and haven't played that are the most enticing to me. Yeah, I might play through some of the other titles again. I've kind of had an itch to revisit Paper Mario 64. However, most of the stuff they announced I already have and played plus my N64 is hooked up and ready to go anytime so it's not like it is hard for me to already access these games.

What could entice me more for this is what other games get added down the road. There's some stuff I've been interested in but never got around to acquiring. If some of those games start popping up on the N64 service then it may be enough to justify the value although we don't know what the price is going to be yet.

And I have no interest in the Genesis titles.
TalkBack / Re: 8 Nintendo 64 Games We Need on Switch
« Last post by Woody on Yesterday at 12:01:16 PM »
I fully agree with this list. My main concern is the big box around the screen and will this run better than Wii u virtual console?
Nintendo has not earned the right to charge more for their pitiful online service, let alone for games I already own on 2 different Virtual Console services (and Rare Replay). I'll be curious to see how much they think they can get away with charging for this new tier of "service". At the very least, we should be seeing GameCube stuff by now, especially since they're not porting the Wii U remasters of the GameCube Zelda games (yet).

Right now the online service is dirt cheap, they were never going to add more systems outside of maybe the Gameboy at only $20, especially for larger 3D games that the N64 onward bring.  Notice how with the price increase we getting third parties like Sega on board as well.

Seriously, the price was always going to have to increase for the service to get better.  You think Microsoft and Sony would be offering the same features they do if their services were only $20 a year as well?
I wonder if Waverace 64 is possible or if Nintendo is secretly remaking that?
This guys enthusiasm is something LOL

makes me wish I had seen this live too.
The fact that most all of these are cast against type makes this more interesting. Key as Toad is genius. Although Charlie Day as Luigi seems on type. Though Charlie Day is an under-utilized actor. He could be anyone.
So instead of paying once for a collection or individually, you'll get to pay indefinitely with just the promise of more in the future which we all know is going to be bugger all after the first few waves from past history. :thumbsdown;

But damn, I want that N64 controller

On the flipside, given Nintendo's trend in recent years of putting the most random **** possible on the NWO service instead of the games people actually want, we could see some VERY interesting stuff for the N64 over the Switch's remaining year or so of life before Nintendo launches a new console and arbitrarily starts everything over from zero once again.
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