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General Gaming / Re: What is the last game you beat? Thoughts/impressions?
« Last post by azeke on Today at 02:39:25 PM »
I bought a pack of 4 Nintendo vouchers a year ago, hoping that Nintendo surely will release some games that would interest me. I tried to use these vouchers to preorder Warioware and Metroid Dread but their release date was after vouchers' expiration date. So i had to buy some games to justify these vouchers. That's how i ended up buying Super Mario 3D World for the third time just for

Super Mario 3D World: Bowser Fury (Switch):

Great DLC? expansion? Bowser interruptions got a bit old by the end and the way you have to replay that boss battle, going through same motions was a bit annoying.

Still great 2 hours, and it really showed what original 3D World movement and controls are capable of in a more open world. And no, 3D World movement was never restricted to 8-directions -- it's the same here as in original game.

I think i enjoyed it more than Odyssey despite rather formulaic structure. For one it's an actual platformer which Odyssey doesn't even try to be one.

Yoku Island Express (Switch):

А fun puzzle Metroidvania, similar in design to Toki Tori 2. Finished game last year and overall enjoyed it. I think i remember being annoyed at some boss because i couldn't understand what was i supposed to do.

Metroid Fusion: (GBA cart on DS Lite)

I spent too much time tinkering with that Metroid Fusion cart and DS Lite itself to make them work so i felt motivated to finish this game on this DS Lite, come hell or high water.

It would be so easy to stay in Super Metroid's monumental shadow -- just like hundreds of games do. Even actual Metroid games after-Super, sometimes chase that Super Metroid high.

Metroid Fusion soundly rejects nostalgia and changes EVERYTHING: old yellow gunship is unceremonously destroyed and replaced with new purple one, main character's look is changed completely, ALL weapons and ALL controls are revamped. If anything, this earns mad respect for Sakamoto and team.

To justify why Samus lost all abilities again, Fusion goes to most extreme -- basically killing and rebuilding main character from ground up. All abilities are now reconceptualised as biological-genetic mutation powers instead of mechanical suit upgrades. The horror element appropriately moves on from Alien to The Thing with X-parasites shape-shifting and body horror.

Just like Metroid 2 on Gameboy, Fusion on GBA was designed around short gameplay bursts so map is divided into smaller sectors. Computer constantly briefs on what you're have to do and places targets on a map, probably to reduce frustration for players getting lost.

But how effective is that really if the game is never a walk from point A to point B? More often than not, goal will be locked behind something so you need to go around the map. Navigation panels reveal some of the map, but most of it will be hidden until you reveal it.

Fusion is not necessarily linear and signature Metroid exploration is still there but the game does feel restrictive sometimes. I wished i could skip briefing cutscenes but game doesn't allow that even on subsequent playthroughs. Which is weird because there are some QoL changes for New Game+ on completed save file, but cutscenes are still forced on you.

Near the end game straight up locks you up, shutting down all exploration, only allowing to finish the game. I had to look up where and when exactly does that happen so i don't get trapped down like that on next playthroughs. There are special passages between sectors and i discovered some of them but not the one from final sector. These passages are also hidden very deviously, so even if you know there must be one it is hard to find them, like one of these passages is placed so it is always obscured by mini-map UI.

Fusion streamlines controls and abilities to adjust to GBA's two face buttons. To eliminate weapons switching they removed scan ray, grapple beam and dedicated super rockets (super rockets are now just ugprades over regular rockets). There is no run button so Samus goes into boosted run automatically if you walk long enough. Diagonal aiming is on shoulder button and defaults to up aiming because most enemies fly and attack from above.

Most bosses are (again) rocket sponges you need to press down right shoulder button constantly. It became a problem for me because when i held DS Lite, it's right lower corner pressed too hard into my palm. I also had trouble sticking to the walls and ceiling which was especially annoying during tense boss fights. Not sure if it was my problem or controls' but half of the time Samus just refused to cling to the wall.

Also wall jumping was made easier to do, but for some reason it gets disabled after you get space jump?..

Some of the bosses were annoying like spider who can grab you, throw you on the ground and then grab you again. Similarly floating toaster boss was even more annoying because how hard it was to avoid getting hit. Compared to them, yet another Ridley fight felt refreshing because it was just a regular "shoot a bunch of rockets" deal but with wackier sound effects.

First playthrough was 5:15 with 59%. I tried to go fast on 2nd playthrough but apparently still took too much time collecting stuff with just 2:40. I then went for another playthrough with the goal of 100% but i didn't know i could restart over finished save file (marked with Metroid symbol) to see area completion marks. So i never finished it fully, just getting 93% but i enjoyed it still.

One shinespark puzzle room was especially fun to figure out and execute. It also forced me to learn how exactly shinespark works and helped to solve another puzzle that i spent several hours on previously. Space jump room wasn't as fun to do, but it was ingenious in it's own way -- like some kinda extremely annoying Flappy Bird level. Still, scouring around all sectors looking for passages and items was fun however endgame music became too repetitive because it was constantly blaring, never changing regardless in which sector i was.

Overall game is fun enough on first playthrough, but the way game traps you into endgame was disappointing. On second playthroughs i wished game would allow to skip cutscenes and opened up passages between sectors earlier. Still, a good game.

Oh, and i forgot about SA-X. I didn't think SA-X encounters made too much of an impact, it only happens like 3 times and on first playthrough it is just "hide and wait it out" scripted sequence or "run away or die in one hit". Also during endgame if you explore the game to collect items you're running all over the station but never meet SA-X, further breaking the illusion of being hunted.

Onto Zero Mission!
I will be one of the old school iron chefs or Rachel Ray whichever I decide upon.
General Gaming / Re: Deadline December 2021!
« Last post by TOPHATANT123 on Today at 07:54:28 AM »
If I can finish 3 more games I'll hit 52 completed games for the year. Mostly on account of not really playing many JRPGs this year and playing a lot more story games.

In December I'd like to finish with...

Horizon Zero Dawn - Been playing this on and off all year, about 70 hours in. I like the combat and the story is getting pretty cool, but I think the game has room for improvement with things like side quests and progression.

Robotics;Notes Elite - So far I'm enjoying this visual novel, having finished the first chapter. The writing is funny and cute, but like Stein's;Gate there is something mysterious lurking beneath the surface. They've already played with some clever twists on tropes and I'm interested to see where it goes next. It's also got some neat features I really appreciate like an in-game calendar and map, to help immerse you in the world.

Shin Megami Tensei 5 - Loving every moment with this. A master class in game design. For me it's always "one more boss battle" or "one more demon fusion". The game is so addictive and even on hard the level of challenge has been perfect.
Podcast Discussion / Re: Episode 749: All My Homies Hate Pinsir
« Last post by Lemonade on Today at 04:26:41 AM »
It was good to hear my email and RFN song on this episode.
If anyone wants to see the video version it is here

As for Pikmin Bloom, I played a bit of the beta earlier this year and thought it was super boring.
Time to finish #2 once more. Im in.
Can't wait to see Jamie get owned by those nugget desiring third graders all over again.

For reference, that introduction is sort of a mash-up of the introduction to the Jamie's Quick And Easy Food series with a bit of his 15 Minute Meals intro mixed in there as well with it being adjusted to more appropriate Safe Words... wording.

How many other chefs are we going to have sign-up to be part of this new culinary experiment?
When life’s crazy busy, all I crave is amusing forum fun that’s quick and easy to make. So, after all of these years, I’ve come up with a new way of forum gaming that’s completely changed my life and it’s going to take the stress out of yours too. I’m stripping back excitement to its bare essentials and I’m going to show you some amazing results using just the most basic forum ingredients. We’re talking high stakes fast!

And these are great competitions without the Mafia guilt. The ultimate pick-and-play of go-to fun for those of you who love your forums but don’t have the time or energy for complicated Mafia rulesets. If you’ve got a long old list of rules for a game, that’s one more reason to not play and I want to get you all playing. Balanced, pleasurable and good for you. You can create magic in the Funhouse with some time saving tricks and multi-tasking to the max. If you think you haven’t got time to play, think again!

You must not confuse simple with not lively. This is really lively. It’s delicious, nutritious, super-slow fun as we wait two days for Stratos to select a word. Right. Let's play it!

Players so far:


A total of 3 wonderous chefs have signed on so far.
General Gaming / Re: Deadline December 2021!
« Last post by Khushrenada on Yesterday at 09:26:52 PM »
For myself, I'd like to finish the following games:

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - Stated playing this in November after wrapping up Metroid Dread. After playing quite a bit of it on the Wii U, I hadn't really bothered to do much with this game on Switch. In fact, I hardly did much with 200cc mode when that came out. However, coming back to this game now, I've come to appreciate just how good this package. A lot of really great courses. And I've ended up getting 3 Stars for all the Cups on all Modes including 200cc. I'm just trying to unlock the last gold kart pieces now. As such, I'm now going the 150cc Time Trials. Much nicer as well is that only 5,000 coins are required to unlock one of the parts unlike MK7 and its 10,000 coin requirement for one of the parts. I'm over 4300 currently just from racing and getting all those 3 Star Cups and Time Trials will surely get me much closer to that as well. Should have this wrapped up pretty soon.

Shantae GBC - Have this on the 3DS VC. Have also been playing it here and there. Am currently on the hunt for the 4th Labyrinth. Would like to get back to it this month and wrap it up.

Part Time UFO - Another game I've been playing off and on with MK8. I've beaten the game but there's still a bunch of other tasks to accomplish in it. I'd like to get those extra things done to put a bow on it and wrap it up.

Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - Remember me talking about this back at the end of Backlaugust and into September? Guess what? I still haven't wrapped it up!  :-[ When I last left this game, I had gotten to the final stage of the last boss and proceeded to completely choke and play it poorly. I know I should be able to get it done but it's just the time it takes of having to get through all of that Phaaze planet and the Dark Samus / Aurora Unit fights that has kept me from loading this game up again for the past few months. However, I definitely want to finish 2021 with this finally done.

Hello Kitty Roller Rescue - Another leftover from Backlaugust. Beat the game but there were a few collectables/unlockables that I've meant to get so as to mark this game complete and wrapped up. Want to get that done also.

Luigi's Mansion GC - The first time I played Luigi's Mansion, I was about 5,000,000 short of getting the A rank mansion. Which isn't that much based on the game's currency. I was very close. I started doing the Hidden Mansion 2nd Quest but my interest petered out at some point and I never got around to finishing it. Then I did the Luigi's Mansion Mafia game and thought about getting back to it in order to give me some more inspiration for that game but the game started before that happened. I know it's a shorter game so I'd like to finally go back and replay it again after 4 years or so since first playing it and also get that final goal accomplished.

Pikmin GC - I've played this a game a lot because, for awhile, it was one of only five GC games I owned in the early GC days. But then, I got an income and suddenly it was easy to start getting all the games I wanted. Now, I've still got GameCube games to this day I have yet to play! What a time to be alive! About 10 years ago, I had some data on one of my GameCube memory cards get corrupted and I lost my Pikmin save data. I figured it be easy enough to pop this in at some point and beat it again. So easy that I've yet to do so. With my next Mafia game being Pikmin themed, I'd like to replay this now also and refresh my memory of the Pikmin franchise. Again, it's short enough that I think there's a good chance of squeezing it in when holiday time comes around at the end of the month.

Xenoblade Chronicles X - And now we come to the big one. The game that dominated my first half of 2021. This was pretty much all I was playing through the first 4 months of the year although there were also periods where I wasn't playing it because of having to move and other life tasks. I had gotten to the point of getting flight for my Skell and then my interest in the game crashed because there wasn't that many new and exciting things to see after getting flight and all it seemed to do was show me a bunch of high level creatures meaning I had more grinding ahead of me. I was not in the mood for more grinding after all the time I had spent up to that point. Yet, now enough time has passed that I'm ready to get back in that cycle. While I don't expect to fully complete XCX in December, I do think I can get through the rest of the story and at least beat the game for this month. We'll see how much more I stick at it afterwards. Having been such a large part of my 2021, I do think I should at least beat it before this year is up.

8 games. That's my December Deadline Mission.

Although maybe I can get to 10. I'd also like to finish Mario's Super Picross on the Switch SNES app and I suppose I should just look up a FAQ to figure out where the few bonuses are in some DKC levels that I've forgotten about and just cannot find to also wrap that game up.
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