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Game Boy: Finally time to Play It Loud!®

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I snagged Mario Kart: Super Circuit. I remember not liking this entry, but it was cheap so I wanted to give it another go.

I also managed to snag Game Boy Camera and Pokémon Crystal. The former is mostly for collection purposes. I never had one and always wanted it. I putzed around with it earlier. Not great. The latter was hella expensive. Pokémon Crystal is now the most expensive used game I’ve ever purchased, just edging out Metal Gear Solid (Ghost Babel) on Game Boy Color. I am embarrassed by how much I spent, but I will admit: After taxes, it was still under $100.

There may be an issue with Mario vs. Donkey Kong. I paid for it at the end of March and have yet to receive it. The last time I bought from a Canadian seller it took forever so I waited longer than usual this time before contacting the seller for an update. The seller has not responded yet. I will likely have to go through eBay for the money-back guarantee then find another copy. THANKS, CANADA.

I have to replace the battery on Pokémon Crystal. It’s the only game I bought that absolutely needs one. Game Boy and Game Boy Color games use CR2025 coin batteries. Unfortunately, I can only find off-brand CR2025 batteries with solder tabs. CR2032 batteries can fit and are more readily available from Panasonic, but they’re apparently a tight fit, and I’d rather not risk it. The Pokémon Crystal I just bought had an off-brand aftermarket battery installed, and it’s already dead. For comparison’s sake, the batteries Nintendo used in their cartridges typically last 20 to 30 years.

I’m considering doing this battery mod (here’s a tutorial by makho if you are interested/have half an hour). The short version is a modder, Martin Refseth AKA HDR, created a flex PCB that has solders to the cartridges and has solder points for a battery retainer (metal thing that holds batteries in place) so you can use CR2025 without solder tabs which are available everywhere. The flex PCB is ~$5.00, the retainer is ~$1.30, and a battery is ~$1.50. That’s almost $8.00 for a battery I may only have to replace one more time ever.

--- Quote from: GK on April 22, 2021, 06:27:50 AM ---Battle Arena Toshinden on GB/GBC - Knew I liked Takara's take on Game Boy fighting games after Samurai Shodown, but I thought they kicked it up a notch here. Pretty sure I played it more than the original PSX game my brother had.
--- End quote ---
Interesting. I will look into this. Thanks!

--- Quote ---Castlevania Legends - Another GB/GBC standout for me. Though it might just be because it was made after Symphony of the Night, yet it wasn't a metroidvania. Sometimes I just want to whip my way from point A to point B without having to backtrack.
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I had every opportunity to get Castlevania Legends in the late 90s. I was partially scared off by EGM’s review. I wish I didn’t because this game is hella expensive now. Authentic cartridges are currently over $200 loose. This may have to be an EverDrive game for me.

--- Quote ---Oh, & Kirby's Star Stacker. Everyone I let play it told me it was boring & both Tetris & Yoshi were better, yet I got addicted to it.
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Hmm, I will also look into this. I’m not a big puzzle game person, but they’re perfect for these handhelds. I never played Kirby’s Star Stacker so it might be worth a shot.


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