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Mario Golf: Super Rush

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Adding you now.


--- Quote from: Phil on July 04, 2021, 02:29:19 PM ---Just hit me up whenever either of you would like to try the online. There's an invite system in this particulara Nintendo-published game which is rare and nice, so if we're Switch friends we can send each other invites! :)

--- End quote ---
I'd love to hit a round of 9 or 18 sometimes with you. I'll add you, although i think i might have already.

I am sorry I missed someone's invite (can't remember whose at the moment) to join their lobby. Was in the middle of a round that I was aiming for a high score. :X

Wasn't me. Though if anyone wants to invite me for a round, I tend to be the most open for lengthy gaming on weekends.

XC Golf has made me stop playing Adventure, so could use something else to do in the game.

I finished the Golf Adventure. It ended taking about 9 hours for me. There are some optional challenges that are pretty tough. I thought it was just the right length though it does end rather abruptly.
Anyway, I am down for some online multiplayer now.
Also, I played a round with motion controls with my six year old niece. It worked well enough. It has been a while since I played Wii golf so it is hard to compare.


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