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Following Khush's lead, here are five games from my Wii U backlog:

* The Wonderful 101
* Darksiders
* Axiom Verge
* Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games
* Scribblenauts UnlimitedI will play the first one with 3 votes.

Eclectic selection. I could see 101 being a popular choice for other users from the selections listed but I am going to give a vote to Scribblenauts Unlimited. I haven't played it myself (or any Scribblenauts game) but I'm curious what one's impression of a Scribblenauts title would be at this point in time as the series has sort of become forgotten. How well does it hold up now?

Ok Khush I'm changing my vote for you to Tropical Freeze. That's three, get started! Major tip: don't feel bad about spending the Coins in Funky's shop to get more helper barrels. I spent ages grinding the bossfights until I discovered you could just get like 6 extra hits by rocking up with extra Dixie barrels.

Mr. Bungle - I'd wager either Scribblenauts or Sochi Olympics is probably the shortest of the bunch if you want to get the ball rolling, so I vote for those two. If you're in a Summer heatwave currently, maybe the Winter Olympics is some fun counter-programming?

Oh. I didn't realize you were voting for Kirby. I thought you were just giving advice. Otherwise I'd have been including it when posting the vote tally. Oops.  :-[

Alright. Tropical Freeze is my winner.

I'm sorry Mr. Bungle. I don't know where the people are who could help vote for your next game.  :'(


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