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Nintendo Switch Lite and Future Revisions

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I'd be really interested in a Dual Screen Switch or DSS that plays Switch and 3ds/ds/gba/gameboy games. ULTIMATE BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. Though the likelihood of that is low. A Virtual Console for that is more likely.

Yeah, that would be cool. But I think handheld games being added to Nintendo Online would make for a good showcase of the new hardware, especially if they used the Game Boy name. It would segue nicely in a direct. Though they’d have to add some download function so you can take the games with you.

I always imagined a Gameboy phone. Why let Samsung and Apple have all the fun?

And I made that one a few years ago. One thing I don't like about phones is how fucking bitchass they are. The OG Gameboy was a rugged machine. I'd probably make it more rugged than this.

I would imagine a Switch Mini as something that looks like the bottom half of a 3DS XL.  The bottom screen would be widescreen; the nub is gone, and replaced by the plus button; the minus button is on the opposite side; start and select are removed to make room for second circle pad; speakers are below the screen, where the 3DS home button is/was; add capture and (Switch) home button below d-pad and 2nd circle pad, respectively.

I don't think the Switch uses the infrared camera for communication, so maybe you can axe it.  The stylus hole being gone and the carts being smaller hopefully mean there's enough space to have the mirco SD on the outside and not under the battery.

I think that would make something about the size of the Switch console without the joycon, but it would have all the buttons.  Maybe you could make the screen smaller to keep the size down.

I imagine a switch mini as looking identical to a PSP, but more Nintendo-y. Maybe no Stand, just a dongle.


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