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Monolith Makes Worlds: An Analysis of the Xenoblade Series

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So, I’ve posted my thoughts on all the DLC pre-Torna on my blog, but I’ll move that segment here as well once I finally top off this madness with my Torna impressions. It might take a month or so for that to happen, but there’s some cleaning I’d like to do with the original articles as well, and I think Torna is going to be a special section. Very special.

You should really showcase this excellent writing somewhere other than an old forum.
EDIT: Oh wait I guess it is on your blog. Adding it to my RSS reader.

Prepare your anuses, for the final installment of Monolith Makes Worlds will drop this week with the one-year anniversary of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I’ll be offering my impressions and analysis of Torna: The Golden Country.

I'm bending over.

It... finished.


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