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Mop it up:
Best Buy is clearancing out Fire Emblem Warriors for $25 if anyone is interested (or $10 for N3DS version):

Mr. Bungle:
Compared to the prices of resellers the msrp switch is an amazing deal. Apologies if this should be posted somewhere else. I had been waiting months to get a switch since my partner took over the other one after getting hooked on ACNH.

Mr. Bungle:
On MyNintendo you can get a set of 3 Mario posters or a Mario zipper case. They each cost 800 platinum points. I only had enough points for one so I got the posters. You get a code that you can use on the Nintendo store and then you just have to pay shipping. For the posters it was $5.40 for to ship to my home. The link below may work, otherwise just go to the My Nintendo site and you should find it:

Mr. Bungle:
Hero Land may have only received a 6 from NWR, but it can be yours for $15 at Best Buy:

Mr. Bungle:
Katamari Damacy REROLL is on sale for $13 at Best Buy:
If you want free shipping, then pre-order another game to make the total enough for free shipping and then cancel that pre-order after receiving the first game.  ;)


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