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Originally posted by: TheYoungerPlumber
OK, OK, this is getting WAAAAY off topic.  This is about DKC looking not as good on a modern TV / on VC.  Not "Do you still like Rare games."  In fact, I'm actually going to pretend I'm a moderator and close this thread if I see more talk about Perfect Dark or whether DKC2 was better than DKC. (Which it was.  Oh crap, now I'm doing it!)
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You say that as if going off topic is a bad thing!

Ob the subject of Blast Corps, I didn't mean to say the game sucked. I meant that the game was very obscure and many people may have ignored it back when it first came out. The controls were iffy, yes, but I still had fun anyway.


I'm gonna download this soon. It is a bit crap compared to say Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island or Mario 3 but the nostalgia level is huge.
Back to the Rare subject, I love Viva Pinata.
Plus I think Kameo is loads better than people made out. They both have a distinct Nintendo vibe to them.

360 owners (I love my 360) should play them both.

Viva Pinata was alright for awhile, then it just got incredibly boring.  And has REALLY stupid restrictions on what you're allowed to build.  I quit when I finally had all the space available in my garden, and was told that I was not allowed to have enough pavement to connect all of my houses.  It was really, REALLY stupid, and I'm still very bitter about it to this day.  

Bill Aurion:

Originally posted by: Ian Sane
I've only seen backlash from Nintendo fans since (surprise) Rare left and all Rare games suddenly sucked and had always sucked.
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Oi, oi, don't be throwing garbage bags full of generalizations!  I still love Rare and Donkey Kong Country! (though I feel betrayed by the crap they passed off as Perfect Dark Zero and Kameo...)

The Traveller:
Perfect Darks framerate isnt as bad as some people make it out to be either. Although in Co-op it IS really bad..


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