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Who has the internet Adaptor?

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I was just wondering how it is hooked up.

cause i have broadband internet on my computer.  Do's it come with a plug that i connect between my pc modem and gcn? or with my pc and gcn?

it uses ethernet. You would have to unplug the computer and connect the GCN to the modem using ethernet cable. You can also get a router so you plug the computer and gcn into the router and the router to the modem.

Hey thanks a bunch!

man.. my tv is all the way upstairs and my family pc is all the way downstairs.

aoi tsuki:
The other solution is to connect a wireless router to your computer downstairs, and to connect a wireless ethernet bridge to your Gamecube. Both of these will run you around $200 (together).

Our cable line is downstairs in our house as well. i haven't gotten the wireless ethernet bridge yet, but my mom has her iBook connected wirelessly and has access throughout the house (and through the backyard).  

A possibly cheaper solution would be to get the modem adapter, and PSO through dialup. i played a few games through dialup and there's no major difference, though i'd recommend going wireless if at all possible.

Or you can get a long Ethernet cord and a drill and use some low level carpentry skills.


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