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nitsu niflheim:
While playing Skies of Arcadia Legends, I turned the Wavebird controller off because I had to do something and when I went back to the game I forgot to turn the controller back on and tried to move the character.  Off course nothing happened because it was turned off, but when I turned the controller on the character, Vyse, started to move in the opposite direction I had moved the controll stick and kept on going until I turned the controller off then back on again.  

So my question is, is this normal?  I don't remember doing it before, so i don't now if it's something that happens in other games.

you wear probable moving the analog stick when you turned on the controller. To reset the controller to its neutral position, hold down X,Y and Start buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

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nitsu niflheim:
No, no.  I tried it again after the first and I turned the controller off.  Moved the stick, then turned the controller back on after letting up off the stick and my character moved in a straight line in the opposite direction.  To reset it I just turned the controller off them back on again without moving any part of the controller.

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Yeah, Matt is right. I always screw around with my brother by turning on the wavebird while holding the stick in some odd direction. I still dont think he caught on to turning off the Wavebird.


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