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« on: May 08, 2003, 11:06:04 AM »
Does anyone else here listen to this awesome Power Metal band? These guys are so awesome that i could soil myself... i have been listening to them only since last November, but their power is freakin intense stuff... you should check them out..

The music is like an adrenaline rush, i seriously believe that one could perform much better (in more ways than one.. sadly i can't confirm that though) while listening to these guys


I have often dreamt of the perfect video for the Valley of the Damned video, consisting of a battle much more epic than the Battle of the Hornburg in The Two Towers (which is much better in the book, in my opinion, but the movie was insanely excellent) and when ZP hits the high note at 5:58 (in the album version) the evil armies' commander should be slain by the protagonist (an epic hero) and all should bow before him (like in  Robert Jordan's The Dragon Reborn .. those who read it know of what I speak)  .. and it's pretty hot im my room so i have been rambling, and i would consider giving money (albeit pennies) to anyone who can really understand what i am typing.. though its not really hard to understand..
I'll shut up now...