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A quick search of the forums does not reveal a topic dedicated to speedrunning, unless you count this one. So let's see what people's thoughts, opinions, history, etc. are with speedrunning video games.

If you have any history with speedruns, then share the game, your best time, and any stories.

If you don't speedrun then you could discuss why or maybe even give it a try and report back.

Obviously this is not limited to breaking records, just any playthrough of a game, typically a replayed game, where you tried to go fast.

My main attempts with speedrunning have been with one of my favorite games, Mega Man 2. The game is short and if you know what to do is quite easy. I don't always remember the boss order for every Mega Man but I do for 2. This was one of the NES games I had as a child and played over and over, because we didn't have much money and so very few games. I like that I can complete it in one sitting as that is very satisfying and somewhat rare with games today. My preferred way to play is on the Switch with the NES joy-con. My best time is 68m14s. I seem to shave off a few more minutes each time, but only replay it twice a year. I have always wanted to play it more regularly, like once a week, but you many games, so little time.

I also like to speedrun through Mario platformers. Usually the first playthrough is a 100% run and my second playthrough is an any% speedrun, but sometimes those collectables get me. I am hoping to try a speedrun of Odyssey sometime this summer.

Great topic Bungle!

I really love speed running as I tend to have Games Done Quick circled on my calender each year.

I really got into it as a fan from Summoning Salt and his History of World Records series.

I also like watching SpeedGaming speed running tournaments they have.  Also the randomizer games they showcase

I always seem to miss the AGDQ livestreams, but enjoy the recordings. When is the next one?


--- Quote from: Bungle5 on March 09, 2022, 04:57:33 PM ---I always seem to miss the AGDQ livestreams, but enjoy the recordings. When is the next one?

--- End quote ---

The next one is Summer Games Done Quick which is sometime in June I think. 

I think they have different shows on their Twitch stream.


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