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PGCs Effect on Nintendo's Userbase.

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Grey Ninja:
Yeah, I was just about to mention that myself.  Not to mention that Shiggy roves Pranet GameCube!.    Seriously, I don't think there's any way that Nintendo could NOT notice you guys.

Justin Nation:
And then people wonder why we set up strict rules and don't seem so interested in appeasing those members out for icons, colors, custom everything? I'm glad to see that we've managed to maintain the trend begun LONG ago in the day... and scary thing is we're looser now than we were then. If you make it about the content of what people have to say you hope the people with nothing worth saying will get bored and move back to their antics on someone else's board. My quote is for THOSE people.

yes im sure the near 10,000 forum users spammed Nintendo's Survery .
That was one of the things I was thinking about, they list you now. I think iv een seen you mentioned in a magazine. Hell, Microsoft considers you a pillar of the game community. You got to test xbox live. Makes you wonder if that was a result of the big word you gave them at the nascar thunder demonstration EA gave..ahahahaha

Omg He is alive...


Originally posted by: RickPowers
 I'd like to think that Nintendo is starting to take notice as well, but sometimes it's very hard to get any sort of feedback from them.  
--- End quote ---

You know, it's funny you should say that. Even in Oz (where I'm based), it's difficult to get any sort of 'official' recognition from NOAus. I think they tend to shy away from fanbases, as odd as that seems. I tried to get a bit of support from them for the site I work for (GameBiz) and they declined without comment or justification.

I think it's interesting that it took this long for Billy to finally visit (or be allowed to visit) Nintendo's office in Seattle. One would think they'd appreciate the free publicity a little more.



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