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So... who's into Orta?

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Nik Jam:
(w00t, a first post that has a purpose!)

Got it yesterday. Still trying to beat Chapter 1.. hehe I suck  

I've never been that great at this series, but it will atleast carry me over through February. Worst comes to worst, there is always Gamefaqs.

Orta is among the games that makes me really want an Xbox, but I don't have the cash to lay down for one.

*raises hand*

I love that game

One of the best on-rails shooters I've ever played. I never played the old ones though... wish I did... oh well... guess I'll just beat the game and play the original Panzer Dragoon for the time being.

The storyline is great, the graphics are good. The only problem I found was the ease of the game, even in normal, and the ease of opening up the extras. It took only two day of playing for my brother and sister to open up the pandora's box 100%.


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