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Yeah.  Am disappoint. :(


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--- Quote from: Kairon on July 15, 2021, 08:38:54 PM ---I think the Amico is far beyond past things we've seen from vaporware consoles, there are actual accounts and recent public events where prototypes have been played, and even some footage I believe. HOWEVER for some reason they're not publicizing this, and the only people trumpeting and talking about these hands-on experiences are their diehard community members.

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Yeah, I do think Amiico will eventually launch, and it will probably be a functional gaming console. They might miss another launch date along the way, but it'll probably release. Looking on Youtube they've shown a lot of games intended to show up on it.

I didn't realize they just had no coherent messaging before, so in that regard this interview is quite an improvement lol. But like you say, when the bar is on the floor it's hard to hit your head against it.

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Two years ago, it seemed like this thing would actually launch. I didn't think it would be vaporware but would probably soon fade away into obscurity. Sort of like Stadia for Google. I figured it would suffer on the software front pretty quickly (think Wii U post launch) of having any "must play games" or new games released after launch. There was a lot of signs that the project was moving along on a path of actually be released. But after about a year of Covid, the whole thing was starting to look shaky by December 2020 as it just seemed to be setback after setback. Then last year when they started taking about NFTs being sold/included with the games and that the games were being sold without a console to play on them is when I finally moved into the not-coming-out / vaporware camp.

Up to that point, I felt the pride of Tommy and wanting to prove the "haters" wrong would keep him motivated enough to get the system at least released to show that he did it. With the latest news of Tommy being replaced as CFO by a guy that worked on the Coleco Chameleon which ended up being cancelled and thus a vaporware project, I feel like this is a sign they are throwing in the towel and getting the advice of someone on how to move forward with cancelling this project like the Chameleon. It may even be a way for Tommy to try and save some face as well by claiming that he'd have gotten the Amico released if he had still been in charge but he got ousted and so its the fault of others that it eventually didn't release and failed.

I guess the unknown is whether this thing would have released or not if Covid hadn't come along. It seems like the sudden and long unexpected delay caused by Covid may likely have caused big financial implications by slowing down progress and timetables. If they didn't have that delay then maybe they don't get into the financial difficulties they're now in and do release the system to start bringing down that debt and loans as well. Being in the dark on that part of the business, I can only speculate.

I would say another factor that may have had some effect on this is Nintendo's continued solidification of dominating the video game market over the past two years. Tommy was sort of trying to target Nintendo's demographics or audience by claiming the Amico would make a good family console and trying to attack Nintendo as not being as family friendly as they project. While the Switch was definitely moving and selling at a solid pace in the first two and half years it was on the market with many comparisons to the Wii sales history, it's completely entrenched itself now as one of the top systems in videogame history (despite whatever faults or criticisms one may point out about the system). Luigi Dude really helped point out some of the historical sales numbers that some of the software has had on the system in the "What will Nintendo released in 2022?" thread and just further highlights to me how hard it would be for the Amico to try and convince the people playing the Switch and the software on it that the Amico would be a better system to own or play over the Switch.

While the Amico project seems to have fallen apart over the last two years, the Switch pretty much dominated through Covid and continued a run of being the top selling system in North America for three years until it finally had a dip before the OLED model launched last year. At this point, what is even the audience or market for the Amico? Just for hardcore game collectors to have in their collection. Two years ago, maybe the system could still find a bit of a way to carve out a niche in the market. Today? That window seems long gone.


I do hope everyone has seen this by now.  I was wrong about Tallarico.  So wrong.

****, is Tommy Tallarico even actually Steve Tyler's cousin?

Unknown, but the consensus is it's unlikely.


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