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Uh... Are we talking about the same Tallarico?

Dude's been in the industry for 25+ years and his Video Games Live! events has shown him to have a real passion for the industry that goes beyond trying to sell a plastic shell with a Raspberry Pi in it.  The console has several industry names behind it, including our beloved Perrin Kaplan.  Scott Tsumura and Beth Llewelyn of Nintendo fame are also involved.  Toss in Phil Adam, Mike Mika and probably a dozen or so other names I can't recall right now.

And - it's not crowd funded.  It's being financed out of these folk's pockets.  It will fly or fail on what they do.

Yes, Tommy Tallarico, Steve Tyler's nephew worked on some music for Metroid Prime and used to be a host on G4/Tech TV.

Him being a harsh reviewer I see as a good thing. Like if Iansane was in charge of a console, it would probably be real good.


--- Quote from: UncleBob on March 18, 2019, 08:33:57 PM ---Personally, looking forward with raw dog food for sale Intellivision branding.

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Can't wait!

Is this still a thing?
It sounded kind of interesting, maybe...

I heard it got delayed again.


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