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What makes for a happy Camper?


Camp Hyrule is on.  Find out when to register ...Nintendo's Camp Hyrule site is finally up, just in time for Registration.  To sign up, head over to http://www.nintendo.com/camp at 12:00 PM Pacific time (3PM for people on the East Coast).  Yes, that is today.
Registration continues until August 8th at 5PM.  Nintendo claims to be allowing all registrants into Camp this year, but it might be a good idea to register early, just in case.
Camp Hyrule is a Flash-based series of chat events, activities, and games based on Nintendo's games.  This year, the theme will be around Super Mario Sunshine, Star Fox Adventures, Super Mario Advance 3, and more.  There tend to be prizes involved as well ... last year, they gave away a Nintendo GameCube before you could buy one!
See you all there!


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