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After a deep reflection, thinking of quitting following entertainment stuff soo


This is a follow up of the topic I opened regarding the perception of Nintendo's games and how it's affecting me. Because after something someone said in the last few days I reflected a lot.

A couple of days ago, a youtuber of my country that I follow, during his weekly livestream in which he talks with his fans, discussing about the news of the week about gaming, at one point he said something that gave me a lot to think about: "Fanboys and Haters are blind, Fanboys and Haters are ignorant, Fanboys and Haters are mean people, Fanboys and Haters don't deserve andy kind of attentions. If you learn this lesson, you'll be at peace with yourself"

His words are really wise per se... however at the same time made me thinking that the current situation on the web is just hopeless, because at the end of the day, the 90% of the people you will ever talk to on communities ARE fanboys and/or haters, and at this point they're really irredeemable, and the worst part is, for how things have "evolved" throught the years, you just can't follow any kind of passion without having to deal with them, they're just inevitable...

This is making me fearing the worst regarding all the games and animated shows I loved throught the years: if I keep watching/playing new stuff, I will have to constantly deal with them, and if I deal with them, I might get oppressed by the hate they spread, and then... coming to hate everything I loved throught these two decades...

I'm not going to put the games and animated shows I loved in my life on the line in order to get a few more ones (especially since the ones I enjoy are becoming less and less lately), so I came to a big decision that I think it will be for the best of myself: I'm going to finish what I already started, completing the shows I'm currently following and buying the remaining main Switch games... but after that... I'm going to stop following new animated shows and playing new games.

It might sound like an extremist decision, but the thing is I'm an extremely fragile person, and the web is full of really nasty people, and I really don't want to lose everything I loved because of those people, and like I said they're the vast majority of online people and they're inevitable as long you want to keep yourself informed on what is coming out.... besides, there's not much left for me to enjoy anyway (I have no animated shows to look forward for the next three years, and I don't know how many years it will take for the next Nintendo console to have a lineup strong as Switch's). I'm still going to revisit all the games and animated shows I I throught the years, but nothing beyond that.

Long story short: fanboys and haters completely killed my will of keeping going with animation and gaming, and in order to preserve what I already love I'm quitting everything.

And there you have it. I hope you understand...

Well... ok.

Not sure what you may be hoping to hear from posting that. Do you want us to say yes or say no? You have to make decisions in life and it seems like you've been doing some thinking on the matter and what would be best for yourself so I hope your decision works out.

It does seem like you are doing some deep reflecting on who you are and have come to the conclusion that you can get influenced by others and hate things because they say to when you may not have felt that way. You also say you are an extremely fragile person but I'd also say that you don't have to stay that way. For example, a person could suffer a stroke and as a result they've lost the ability to easily walk about like they could before. Perhaps being in a bed for a long time as resulted in the leg muscles deteriorating so now they are fragile physically. Yet, by slowly working on building up those muscles again over what may take a long period of time, that person may find they can return to that regular walking ability that they had before the stroke. They can take that fragile part of the body and make it stronger. Likewise, you too may be able to mentally strengthen yourself over a period of time and not feel as fragile as you do now. With that mental strength, you may find that you can just ignore the comments that bug or that they don't affect you as they once did.

You said that you thought the comments from the Youtuber on not paying attention to the haters and fanboys was wise. I feel like that was what we were trying to tell you in the other thread in which you worried about Nintendo's future. I'm glad that you are seeing the benefit in realizing this. I hope you can eventually put that into practice. You seem to be causing much worry and anxiety on yourself about these comments you read which is a shame. Here's something else to remember. Those comments could easily disappear one day. Already on the internet, there's been cases in which sites have removed forums and comment threads on articles old and new. Sites have been shut down and articles erased or gone missing. Even this site could just have all its data lost or destroyed. It highlights that a lot of internet content is more temporary than one might think and preservation isn't that easy or worth it in many cases. Knowing that, you should remind yourself of it and ask if you really want to live your life in fear of things that might not even exist five years from now. Why keep taking it so personally when people say things you dislike when their comments could easily disappear one day? Of what value was any of it?


--- Quote from: Torchwick1234 on October 17, 2023, 03:58:39 PM ---.
Long story short: fanboys and haters completely killed my will of keeping going with animation and gaming, and in order to preserve what I already love I'm quitting everything.
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My dude, you’re gonna have a bad time if you let other people’s words dictate/affect how you enjoy things.

Does it really matter what “fanboys and haters” think? Can you tune them out, or at least not go looking for their opinions?

I will never forget you, farewell


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